Vindictus Belle registration event opens with cool rewards

Belle registration

Nexon just opened the Belle registration event for Vindictus. She is the 15th character coming to the action MMORPG and you can get a few rewards right now if you pre-register. Judging by the registration event period, which started on September 24, Belle will enter Vindictus on October 29, 2019.

As any Vindictus fan surely knows, Belle is the westernization of Bell, the female fighter that made her way into the Mabinogi Heroes Korean servers on July 11, 2019. Despite her frail appearance, Belle is capable of handling a huge axe without breaking a sweat.

The Belle registration event will earn you an in-game costume. You get a white feather outfit set for male characters or a white butterfly dance outfit set for female heroes. You also get a few extra rewards such as a title and an elite character slot, among others.

The event page will tell you a lot about Belle. You get to know her story, learning how she ventured into a forbidden forest and ended up frozen in time. Since this stopped from aging and made people think that she was a witch, she was doomed to roam the world alone. Nonetheless, she seems to remain a joyful and bubbly personality.

The site shows some Belle gameplay and skills, but you can also take a look at Bell's character creation video below, recorded from the Korean original. If that doesn't make you want to check Belle when she arrives in Vindictus, I don't know what will.


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