Free To Play Unlimited #85: Soul Worker and Revelation Online coming to NA and EU

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Free To Play Unlimited with Taryn is the exclusive webshow about free MMORPG and other Free MMO games. The team will bring you exciting news, quizzes, the most anticipated F2P games and more. In this episode we have two highly anticipated games coming to North America and Europe – Soul Worker and Revelation -, TERA is about to get the new Ninja class, The Skies is in early access and Riders of Icarus is about to begin phase 2 of closed beta. The featured first looks are Crossout, One Piece: Ultimate War and League of Angels 2. The most wanted game of the episode is Atlas Reactor, the cool cel-shaded tactical game with simultaneous turns. If you know the answer to this episode's quiz, then leave it in the comments below or in YouTube, along with your suggestions.


Soul Worker Online is coming to North America and Europe
It’s actually happening, guys! Soul Worker, the exciting anime action MMORPG is finally confirmed to be coming to the west. When? We don’t know yet. German studio Gameforge is the one responsible to bring this Korean game, but there’s not even an official announcement about this yet. In fact, the leak was discovered on the official Lion Games website, which included Gameforge as the publisher of the North American and European versions of Soul Worker. Gameforge also registered a few Soul Worker domains, so this is pretty much official, although they were probably hoping that word didn’t get out until the official announcement.

Revelation Online is getting a western release
If you like your martial arts MMOs, then you’ll certainly be happy to know that the Revelation Online western release is finally official. Developed by NetEase in China, Revelation Online looks and plays quite a bit like that other martial arts epic, Blade & Soul. While the Chinese open beta begins on April 22, we still don’t have an official release window for the English version, which will support four different languages at launch (English, German, French, and Russian) – in fact, we don’t even know who is going to be the publisher, as NetEase will only reveal its name in a press conference scheduled for May. We do know one thing, however – it’s Russian. Place your bets.

Post-apocalyptic MMORPG The Skies is now in early access
The post-apocalyptic MMORPG The Skies is now in open beta on Steam, as of April 16. It’s no Fallout, but give it a go if you like the theme. The Skies features a non-linear that is influenced by how you choose to develop your character and also includes shooter elements, in a vast open world. There’s also PvP, Clan Wars and Team vs Team Combat with fighting over territories. From what we’ve played of The Skies, it’s still in a very early access phase –  buggy, incomplete and rough around the edges, but it could grow to become something interesting.

Ninja class is coming to TERA in May
Ninjas are coming to TERA in May, with the Secrets & Shadows update. Flying mounts are also joining the fun. En Masse Entertainment is slowly revealing the content of the Secrets & Shadows update over the coming weeks, with the new Ninja class being exclusive to the Elin race. The expansion also introduces flying mounts, three new max-level dungeons, and new story developments including the return of an old nemesis.

Riders of Icarus second closed beta is about to begin
If you weren’t lucky enough to participate in the first closed beta for Riders of Icarus, then you may be happy to know that the second phase begins April 21. This short beta ends on April 28, but these few days should be enough to give players a taste of this localization of the South Korean game Icarus Online, where players get to battle, tame and ride many impressive creatures, from huge spiders to amazing dragons. Phase 2 will extend the beta test to other regions, including Europe, South America, Australia and the Oceania territories.

‘Find the Game’ Quiz

Coming from a studio that is working on three promising free-to-play games, this one should be a lot of fun. If you like scavenging and crafting with your shooting and slicing, then you probably know which game we’re talking about already. The first one to write the answer in the comments will see his name featured in the next Free to Play Unlimited episode.

Most Wanted: Atlas Reactor

Trion Worlds is the publisher of quite a few MMORPGs, including Rift or Trove, but they’re also going full tactical with Atlas Reactor. Atlas Reactor just entered closed beta on April 15 after a short open alpha where everyone could try it out. Featuring stylish cel-shaded visuals and with a team-based PvP focus, Atlas Reactor marks a refreshing change from all the lookalike MOBAs, with simultaneous turns (on a timer) and a cast of characters – called Freelancers – that looks like they come from a mix of Borderlands and Overwatch. This is one for fans of games such as X-Com and Shadowrun Returns, requiring team coordination and player skill above all. Each Freelancer has its own very unique abilities and look and it’s up to the players to make a balanced, powerful team.

If you like the genre, definitely keep an eye out for Atlas Reactor.


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