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By freemmostation, February 12, 2016 0

Time of Dragons is an online multiplayer 3D shooter where you can choose your dragon enter exciting aerial battles with missiles, lasers and other weapons, several combat modes and a freedom of flight that will provide fans of the genre… Read More »

February 11, 2016 1 Giveaways is teaming up with Nexon to offer 3 Elite Packs for the online first-person shooter Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online. To try your luck at winning one of these keys worth $29.99 each,… Read More »

February 11, 2016 0 News

En Masse Entertainment, publisher of TERA, has just announced the upcoming closed beta test of Battleplans on PC. Developed by C4M, Battleplans is a real-time strategy game for PC and mobile devices featuring cross-platform play and a focus on battle… Read More »

February 11, 2016 0 News

NCsoft went to Twitter to tell everyone that Blade and Soul now has over two million players in North America and Europe. We’re assuming those are numbers for registered players, as usual, but it’s still a nice figure considering it… Read More »

February 11, 2016 0 News

Gunslinger Stratos: Reloaded is going to shut down on March 29, 2016, Square Enix has just announced. This third-person action MOBA entered open beta in Japan during August 2015 but apparently failed to capture the players’ attention. The push of… Read More »

February 11, 2016 4 News

Hey look, it’s 2016 and still no western localization of Phantasy Star Online 2 in sight. But what could be preventing this or even Sega from talking about it? According to fansite TSSZ, a source told them that there’s an… Read More »

February 11, 2016 164 Giveaways is teaming up with Daum Games to give our readers a free key to join the North American and European closed beta 2 of Black Desert Online, which begins February 18, 2016 and ends February 22, 2016. We have… Read More »

February 10, 2016 1 Cosplay, News

There’s a new mobile MMORPG out there called Heaven, from Nextmove, and while we’re not exactly focused in mobile games (to say the least), we had to leave this here as it was the subject of a new cosplay by… Read More »

February 10, 2016 0 News

Sad news for Motiga staff as the Gigantic developer was hit with another round of layoffs, not long after 16 employees were let go last December. Apparently the studio isn’t in a very healthy financial situation, and this actually affects… Read More »

February 10, 2016 0 News

Just as it was announced a few days ago, the Rising Waters update for Blade and Soul is now live. This update brings new endgame content for all those who are already through all that this martial arts MMORPG had… Read More »