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April 27, 2017 0 News

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios’ Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG Neverwinter has surpassed the mark of 15 million registered players, all platforms considered: PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Impressive numbers no matter how you look at it (these announcements… Read More »

April 27, 2017 0 News

You see yourself as something of a bookworm when you’re not fighting your enemies in Revelation Online‘s Nuanor? Then you probably should know about the Immortal Annex, a place where books, books and more books are expecting you. The Immortal… Read More »

April 27, 2017 0 News

Playing Battlerite can be a lot of fun, but let’s face it – that one arena is getting a little bit tiresome. It’s great news then that Stunlock Studios has just revealed a new map coming to this acclaimed brawler… Read More »

By freemmostation, April 27, 2017 0

Dropzone is a free-to-play MOBA and RTS hybrid where you can join 3v3 battles with a twist: you actually control your three units simultaneously. This is a good game but requires some learning to make the most of it. Watcha… Read More »

April 26, 2017 0 News

Ronimo Games’ Awesomenauts is going free-to-play in less than a month, on May 24 to be precise. This cool 2D MOBA with cartoon graphics doesn’t disappoint – just check the ‘Very Positive‘ Steam reviews if you need further proof. This… Read More »

April 25, 2017 0 Giveaways

FreeMMOStation.com is teaming up with Webzen to celebrate its 8th anniversary on April 25, 2017 by giving our readers a free key to get some freebies for four of its games: MU Online, Flyff, C9 and Rappelz. Get your key… Read More »

April 25, 2017 0 News

Season 13 – Escalation is now available on PC for Star Trek Online and will launch at a later date on PS4 and Xbox One. This season introduces “a new featured episode continuing the Tzenkethi War story arc, improvements to… Read More »

April 25, 2017 0 News

If you’re willing to venture into an instance called Tower of Pain, you’re certainly aware of what kind of things will be awaiting for you. Pain, for those of you who aren’t following. The latest Revelation Online blog goes into… Read More »

April 25, 2017 0 News

Phoenix Labs have just revealed its planned schedule for the upcoming free-to-play co-op action RPG Dauntless. The great news is that the Tech Alpha is “starting soon”, so this means that someone, somewhere out there will be able to play… Read More »

April 25, 2017 0 News

Three more League of Maidens videos were released since yesterday, when the developers covered character customization and asset management, and once again they help players learn the basics and more before the private alpha begins on April 28. The video… Read More »