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By freemmostation, July 7, 2015 0

Nords: Heroes of the North is a free online strategy MMO with a nice polish and tried and tested mechanics, developed by Plarium, makers of Stormfall and Total Domination. Featuring some appealing artwork and acclaimed voice and music talent, Nords:… Read More »

By freemmostation, July 7, 2015 0

I’ve been doing first impressions videos for awhile, and I’ve covered some pretty bad games. There have been some games here or there that weren’t great but had a few redeeming qualities. The game I’m about to introduce to you,… Read More »

July 7, 2015 0 News

MapleStory 2 just entered Korean open beta today as it was announced and Nexon released a new CGI trailer to mark the occasion. We definitely recommend you to watch it, it doesn’t last longer than two minutes and it’s beautifully… Read More »

July 6, 2015 1 Features, Tops

You asked for it, and we’re happy to oblige – here’s volume 2 of our Fan Service series (you can watch Volume 1 here, with games such as Blade & Soul, Soul Worker, Black Desert Online and Peria Chronicles) with… Read More »

By freemmostation, July 5, 2015 0

Moonlight Blade is a free martial arts MMORPG from China that is getting quite some attention. Here is the character creation for the female beggar. The open beta is live and you can play it if you know the right… Read More »

By freemmostation, July 5, 2015 0

A Black Desert Online video showing the new premium armors added to the in-game shop in June 2015. The highlight is clearly the angel theme, with very skimpy underwear and some cool big wings to match. From Asia is a FreeMMOStation… Read More »

July 2, 2015 1 News

Is Electronic Arts working on a new Need For Speed MMO, after the fresh decision to shut down Need For Speed World? It could be happening, if we trust this topic on the official EA Forums. While it’s no more… Read More »

July 2, 2015 7 News

The TERA developers Bluehole Studio clearly aren’t shy in bringing more content to the acclaimed action MMORPG and after the May release of the Gunner class in North America and Europe, the Korean team is already teasing a new class… Read More »

July 2, 2015 0 News

The CABAL 2 open beta date was revealed a few weeks ago and it is now confirmed – this free-to-play action MMORPG is now available for everyone to play. ESTSoft is calling this both an open beta and an official… Read More »

July 2, 2015 0 News

Wargaming has just announced that the free-to-play naval warfare game World of Warships has entered global open beta. With over 410,000 players during the closed beta, the game is now open to everyone who wishes to try the intense and tactical… Read More »