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August 15, 2017 0 News

A new League of Maidens gameplay video was revealed and this time the developers are having fun playing with the community.

August 15, 2017 6 News

Gameforge has finally revealed a date for the Soulworker Online open beta in North America and Europe. You still have a few months of waiting ahead.

August 15, 2017 0 News

Gigantic’s Corruption update is now live, Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga have announced. This update brings the new hero Oru.

August 15, 2017 1 News

A Secret World TV series is in production at the hands of Johnny Depp’s company and centers on a team of undercover agents.

August 15, 2017 1 Cosplay, News

It looks like Girls Frontline is the new project for the South Korean cosplay team in the long run. After two initial productions featuring Doremi as M1 Garand and Tasha as Five-SeveN, now it’s time for a more dressed Doremi… Read More »

August 15, 2017 0 News

Lion Games is ramping up the excitement for the first Soulworker Online job upgrade. Haru Estia, also known as Soulum Sword, is now a dual-sword class.

August 14, 2017 5 News

Soccer player Edgar Davids isn’t happy anymore that a League of Legends skin uses his likeness. How will he solve this? Easy: Ca-Ching!

August 12, 2017 3 News

Smilegate is working on the Lost Ark closed beta 2 and after an initial showing of new regions and enemies, they’re back with another reveal.

August 11, 2017 1 News

Elins are getting a lot more bad-ass with the recently released Gunner class for TERA Korea. The TERA male Brawler class is also coming soon.

August 11, 2017 1 News

There’s no way we’re getting our grubby hands on Peria Chronicles during 2017. We already had that idea, but it’s now confirmed.