10 Anime Free Online Games with Awesome Style and Trailers

Many times you’ve asked us about the coolest anime MMOs out there and we usually give you a few names. But since there are several awesome games coming and we love our stylish anime games as much as you do, we decided to go ahead and gather ten games that you should take a look at, even if just because in terms of visual appeal and marketing expertise, they succeed.

Without further due, let’s begin with our pick of some of the 10 coolest free-to-play anime MMOs out there or coming soon.

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closers online levia

Closers: Dimension Conflict or Closers Online is the work of the creators of Elsword Online and an amazing evolution of said game. It’s an exciting beat’em up with a fleshed out background and while the kids with superpowers formula may sound a bit cliché, the execution is still worthy of praise. In fact, the anime visuals in this game are so good that Closers is actually getting a proper anime show! It’s one of those games that totally deserve it and the only thing that is lacking in this game is a western release, something that we still can’t understand why it hasn’t happened yet.


Soul Worker 6

After a couple of descents into dangerous vaporware territory, Soul Worker Online managed to return stronger than ever during 2015 and even had a few beta tests to prove that it is actually a thing. This third-person online action game already has six cool characters revealed and will surely get more as it grows. All the cool poster images and badass gameplay bits were given even more sense thanks to an awesome anime trailer, one more proof that there’s clearly plenty of ambition driving this game and also a lot of demand. Once more, despite the many cries of outrage heard from North America and Europe, there’s still no western release in sight.


herowarz 1

Hey, this one is actually coming to North America, which is great news as HeroWarz is a very fun isometric action RPG with some crazy characters and a strong anime vibe. We could go on about how it is chockfull of style and how the characters strike that perfect balance of cliché and accomplishment, but we’ll just let this anime trailer speak for itself. Awesome music, by the way.


peria chronicles 1

It seems like an eternity since we heard something new about Peria Chronicles, and while there are many other anime MMOs in the making, none looks just like this one. The formula could be easily described as anime meets sandbox meets Pokémon, but making it come true is the big problem here, as all the different mechanics could prove a living nightmare to developer ThingSoft. We already miss the girl in the blue dress and can’t wait to see a new trailer, to see just how development has progressed over the last months.


cosmic league cosmicbreak 2_4

Cosmic League isn’t even trying to hide its Japanese origins – it mixes cute anime girls with robots, so it’s two cherished elements that you can control in this sequel to Cosmic Break. One of the highlights of this series is the quality of the anime artwork, with beautiful, colorful characters for you to unlock and play with, so to speak. Cosmic Break had some cool story trailers, let’s hope that Cosmic League also gets some high quality promo material. For now, there’s this one, but we want more.


Say hello to our old buddy, Elsword Online. This one has been around for quite some years now and it’s still a hot game, so much that it’s actually getting its own anime show, along with Closers Online and Arpiel Online. Definitely a keeper, one for anime fans and for those whole like their beat’em ups in classic side-scrolling fashion.


onigiri 11

Onigiri may look like your regular MMORPG with anime visuals and a bit of action-y combat, so it’s not like it’s going to stand out for those reasons alone. However, if you’ve caught some of the promotional trailers featuring characters of the game then you probably didn’t forget the name so quickly. There’s melon slicing, boob size competition and plenty more foolishness that doesn’t make sense most of the time. We don’t care, honestly – it’s cute, it’s sexy and it’s sweet, so we have to say: mission accomplished, you got us to check out the game. It’s not a bad game either.


blade and soul 6

It’s hard to find an anime MMO with more style than Blade & Soul. Sure, it can be debatable, but to us there are very few games that have such an accomplished character design, complete with crazy outfits that suit all tastes. Blade & Soul was begging to be made into an anime show and that eventually happened, with Gonzo taking the duties. The question is: is it any good? Apparently, the consensus is that it’s not all that it could have been, to put it nicely. If you watched it, let us know what you make of it.


Arpiel was just released in December 2015 in South Korea and it’s already getting an anime show – this could say just how much faith Nexon has in this game. Apparently, the main characters can harness the power of animals and through mixing and matching with different skills, open up plenty of new gameplay strategies. Not a new idea, but it’s not very often that we get to play with animal-esque characters.


Gunslinger Stratos: Reloaded isn’t apparently doing too well for Square Enix, but is the game at fault or there’s just a lack of interest in arena brawlers? Rise of Incarnates is a great example of a good brawler that was shut down prematurely, so let’s see just what happens to this one. No matter what, there’s some visible effort put in this game, through the anime character design and some cool trailers, such as the one that you can see right now.

And with this we end our compilation of ten cool anime games chockfull of style. While not all of them are yet available, with Peria Chronicles being the main offender, you should be able to play a few of them already, or most of them if you try hard enough. Any other anime games out there that have great trailers and style? As usual, let us know in the comments.

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