Dungeon Fighter Online Hot Summer Festival Event & Underwear Coupon Code

Dungeon Fighter Online Hot Summer Festival Event

Have you been enjoying the new Dungeon Fighter Online event in these hot summer days? This sponsored video will let you know that Dungeon Fighter Online is running a huge Hot Summer Festival until August 10, which should give you plenty of time to level up and grab some cool rewards for your character. Besides, we have a new coupon code that gives you a pretty cool gift box containing a Summer Underwear costume. Yes, it’s as… ahem, appealing as it sounds. Not exactly the most appropriate combat gear, but who cares.

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If you haven’t played Dungeon Fighter Online yet, hit that link in the description. This is a classic MMO beat’em up that still stands as one of the most popular games in the entire world, and there are very few games doing terrific pixel art as this one.

Before we explore the Hot Summer Festival, I must mention that the Dungeon Fighter series is expanding with not one, not two, not three… Er, I’m honestly losing track of all the DFO titles, so I’ll just say that I would kill… I mean, I would politely inquire someone in charge at Neople to play pre-release versions of Project BBQ, Dungeon Fighter Online Overkill, and Dungeon Fighter Duel. But that’s something for another day, a day that hopefully won’t be too far away.

Before I get into the meat of the Summer Festival, so to speak, I should definitely highlight the Female Gunner Neo: Awakening. In case you are wondering which class to go for, this one now offers even more skills, and there’s an event that will get your Female Gunner leveled up faster and with legendary gear. This class will get special buffs up to level 99, exclusive equipment rewards, and if you team up with other Female Gunner players, you get even more experience points. Will you go for the Neo Spitfire, Neo Mechanic, Neo Launcher, or Neo Ranger? It’s not going to be an easy choice, I can tell you as much.

New and returning Dungeon Fighter Online players will have the opportunity to level up and get new gear for their class. The festival started on June 29, but there will be further updates with more events on July 13 and July 27 to keep the rewards coming. Another way for you to get rewards is by playing the Epic Bingo event by completing missions such as beating the Guide of Wisdom dungeon, which gives you tons of rewards. Other activities include visiting Erlox or obtaining certain pieces of equipment.

One of the first things that you should do to get the festival rolling is speak to Nolan and move into the DFO Hero Academy Headquarters. Did you see those cute heroes who are definitely not Power Rangers? Anyway, you should complete the three dungeons whenever you can: training room, combat simulator, and guerrilla training. Every time you reach specific expertise levels you earn more rewards.

Oh, right, I was almost forgetting about that new Dungeon Fighter Online coupon code. Here it is: 2021-DFOH-OTSU-MMER. Grab that summer underwear costume right away, but make sure that you pick the right pack for your class. You should check our Dungeon Fighter Online coupon codes list for all the promo code goodness.

I was thinking about this festival and how new players should approach it, considering that they will level up quite fast. After some thought, here is what I came up with: level up your main like crazy because there won’t be another opportunity for great gear like this one, and later on, if you feel like you want to revisit the story, create a couple of alternate characters to enjoy the experience at a slower pace.

There is a lot more to say about the Dungeon Fighter Online Summer Festival, but I don’t want to turn this into an Excel sheet. What I can say is that this game has an active community on Discord and Reddit, so you should drop by if you need a hand.

Enjoy the Summer Festival, level up your class, grab that underwear costume, and have fun with this fast-paced, vibrant MMO beat’em up, the link is right there in the video description. Get used to it because you’re going to see a lot more of these classes and NPCs when the next Dungeon Fighter Online games launch – I know that I will.

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