Blink and you’ll miss him – Grimden is the new Vindictus Assassin

Grimden is the new Vindictus Assassin

Vindictus is a long-running MMORPG and one of the finest examples of the genre. Even after so many years, it remains as a reference in regard to action combat, with solid mechanics and fast-paced fights. Sadly, very few MMORPGs managed to follow on its footsteps, with even fewer games managing to better it – Black Desert Online is probably the first game that comes to mind.

But back to Vindictus, or Mabinogi Heroes as it is known in its original South Korea. Released in 2010, this game deserved the spotlight due to its combat and graphics that were a cut above the rest. The innovative armor destruction system was an extra layer in an already interesting game.

Slowly but surely, developer devCAT is adding to the character roster, which now includes 13 characters, Grimden included. Miul is about to release in Korea, the fourteenth character that just happens to be Arisha’s sister and has a penchant for dual gun action battles. Sounds really promising.

Grimden is the new Vindictus Assassin

Grimden is a deadly assassin and while we all know how much these guys love stealth and moving quietly in the shadows, this isn’t really doable in an action MMORPG. However, he is all about stealth mixed with speed, swiftly moving from foe to foe in the blink of an eye – he is an extremely agile character and has a selection of skills that turn him into a silent killing machine.

Grimden dispenses justice with the help of his Katamadhar, but he isn’t a stranger when it comes to the use of his feet, presenting his enemies with some stunning tornado kicks straight to the face.

The Phantom Stride skill allows Grimden to move with phantom-like agility from one enemy to the next, dealing damage in a matter of seconds while increasing stamina agility and getting a buff to the dodge skill.

Grimden is the new Vindictus Assassin

The Spine Snap was one of our first active skills and the name is telling of its devastating effect. A swift rotation of the Katamadhar is followed by a strong stab that works better when combined with Shadow Ambush. Then there’s Decimation, a strong attack divided in three phases that is the more powerful the more you charge it before unleashing the strike.

These are only a small sample of the versatility of Grimden’s rich skill selection.

Grimden is a valuable addition to the already rich Vindictus roster. There isn’t anyone quite like him in the game, although Vella is a character that comes close in terms of agility. I can see him becoming a fan-favorite for players who love swift characters with fast and deadly moves.

Grimden is the new Vindictus Assassin

Next in line is Miul, a new character that will once again change the way that Vindictus is played, coming with a pair of handguns boosted by magic and stunning Portal-like skills that I can’t wait to see in action.

devCAT is currently busy with Vindictus as well as the MOBA Ascendant One, the monster hunter MMO Dragon Hound, Mabinogi Mobile and the recently released mobile CCG Marvel Battle Lines. With so much going on, I doubt that the studio has any time left to develop a sequel to Vindictus, but here I am, crossing my fingers and hoping that this is currently happening in complete secrecy. There’s no harm in some positive thinking.

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