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Title: mech warrior online... differrent kind of shooter.. simulation mix. ITS FUN!
Post by: Karmayogi on January 16, 2015, 09:11:44 AM
hi, i just wanted to give a shout-out for Mech warrior online..
its more a simulation-shooter mix.. like the old mech warrior games.
its pretty tactical,.. and you need to level you mechs for a bit..

even though,, you have to buy mech bays (slots for your mechs) ONLY possibe for real money...
you start with 4 mechbays.. and you need 3 mechs of 1 chassy to level it up..
but you can also try a lot of trail mechs.. jsut for fun.. but they are unleveled then (a bit slower moving and turning and so on).
you can still get good ingamemoney (C-bills) for your first 20 wins you get like 400k bonus for each game, = 8 million+ some more)
so you can buy a nice mech after your first-20 game bonus is over.