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Valorant Map Callouts

Valorant is the new competitive shooter from Riot Games and it is going to test your skills to the max. Heavily relying on team communication and agency, you need to coordinate your efforts with the rest of your teammates if you want to succeed. Far from being a shooter where you can spend a few minutes of fun here and there, this is a game that you must know by heart to go places. One of the most important aspects that you must learn is the Valorant map callouts, names that are crucial for your performance.

All Valorant Map Callouts | Haven, Bind, and Split Maps

All Valorant Map Callouts

Map callouts are names that are used to easily describe a specific area of a map. This is extremely useful as you warn your fellow Valorant agents about various topics, instantly calling their attention to an important location. You can tell them where to go to help you out, where a group of enemy players is moving through, or where you are about to get shot and lose the match.

The better the callout information is, the more useful it is for your teammates to move into your location and give you a hand. That's why you should do your best to memorize the Valorant callouts in every map that the game has to offer. It goes without saying that being part of a well-oiled team is a massive step to victory, so try to find a few reliable friends that you can consistently play with.

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Valorant Haven Map Callouts

Valorant Haven Map Callouts

Haven is a map with three bombsites, something that makes it very interesting and more complex than other maps. It features an intricate layout that demands you to carefully consider your path before thinking about engaging.

Here are the map callouts:

  • A Box
  • A Heaven
  • A Link
  • A Short
  • A Lobby
  • A Long
  • A Ramp
  • A Tunnel
  • B Box
  • B Door
  • Back B
  • Bottom A
  • Bottom Mid
  • C Link
  • C Lobby
  • C Long
  • C Window
  • Connector
  • Cubby
  • Garage
  • Garden
  • Heaven Stairs
  • Logs
  • Mid Courtyard
  • Mid Doors
  • Plat
  • Towers

Valorant Bind Map Callouts

Valorant Bind map callouts

There are two bombsites for the Bind map, contrary to the three that you can find on the Haven map. The real gamechanger here is the addition of teleporters, which will take you from one bombsite to the next in a very short time. Obviously, this turns the match on its head, as you need to utilize these teleporters to their fullest in order to stay on top of the game.

Let's take a look at all the callouts for the Bind map:

  • A Lobby
  • A Port
  • A Port Exit
  • A Short
  • B Cubby
  • B Hall
  • B Lobby
  • B Long
  • B Port
  • B Port Exit
  • B Short
  • Cave
  • Cubby
  • Elbow
  • Garden
  • Hookah
  • Link
  • Pillar
  • Showers/Bath
  • Tower
  • Tower/Heaven
  • Truck
  • U Hall
  • Vent
  • Window

Valorant Split Map Callouts

Valorant Split map callouts

Another map with two bombsites that are quite far from one another. Beware of chokepoints as these places may overthrow a carefully planned strategy.

The Valorant Split Map callouts are the following:

  • A Lobby
  • A Main
  • A Rafters
  • A Ramp
  • A Sewer
  • A Tower
  • B Alley
  • B Link
  • B Lobby
  • B Main
  • B Rafters
  • B Stairs
  • B Tower
  • Back A
  • Back B
  • Bottom Mid
  • Mid Mail
  • Mid Vent
  • Screens
  • Top Mid

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