Can You Get Valorant Twitch Drops on Mobile?

Can You Get Valorant Twitch Drops on Mobile

With many gamers on the go even in these troubled times of social distancing, some of you are wondering if you can still get that precious Valorant drop. The closed beta of Riot's new team-based competitive shooter is currently underway, with more and more drops expected as time goes by. The process of getting a Valorant key drop isn't an easy one as it requires you to watch Twitch streams until luck finally hits you. But can you get Valorant Twitch drops on mobile, or are you required to watch those streams on PC?

Can You Get Valorant Twitch Drops on Mobile, or Only on PC ?

Can You Get Valorant Twitch Drops on Mobile

Riot Games isn't too clear on this matter, so we have to rely on player testimonies to validate the experience. According to reports on Reddit, a few players are saying that they got a Valorant Twitch drop by watching streams on mobile devices.

One user going by the name of Originalitie said that he got the key by watching TimTheTatMan’s stream on mobile all day at work, something that equated to about three or four hours. After getting home, he opened Twitch on PC and the notification was there from an hour before. Other player named MustangBaller stated that he got a key by watching Valorant streams on his iPad.

If you're still waiting for a coveted Valorant Twitch drop, hthis should put your mind at ease. Keep watching those streams, either on PC, smartphone or tablets, and who knows if you won't get lucky in the next few days.

Whatever you do, don't forget that you must connect your Riot Games account with your Twitch account in order to be eligible for a Valorant drop. Furthermore, you must be absolutely sure that you are watching the streams with that account and that account only, as it is the only one that may get you a drop on mobile devices or PC.

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