Does Valorant Have MMR? | Is There SBMM in Valorant?

Does Valorant Have MMR

With every new competitive shooters comes a significant dose of debate, and Valorant is no exception. During the closed beta, Riot's upcoming shooter was at the center of a heated discussion about the merits of its matchmaking system. Something similar happened recently, at the time of Modern Warfare's release, with many players frustrated by the interference of MMR or SBMM. However, other players weren't worried about it at all, and enjoyed the fact that the game paired you with rivals of allegedly similar skills. So, does Valorant have MMR, or Riot decided to leave this controversial feature out of the game?

Does Valorant Have MMR | Is a Match Making Rating System in Valorant?

Does Valorant Have MMR

MMR is the acronym that stands for Match Making Rating. However, some players also call it Match Making Ratio or Match Making Rank, something that amounts to pretty much the same. You may know this system by its other name, SBMM, which stands for Skill Based Match Making.

When this system is in place, a game – not just a shooter – analyzes your performance based on a set number of matches and determines a skill level where you fit. It is meant as a hidden personal score that is used to match you against players of the same level, delivering more balanced matches, at least in theory.

Games that don't use this system allow skilled players to swiftly crush less talented gamers, or new players who are just entering a match for the first time. This is what a significant part of players isn't too fond of, and the reason why they defend the use of MMR. So, does Valorant have skill based matchmaking?

Riot and other studios aren't too forthcoming about the existence of MMR or SBMM in their games, so there is no official word on this subject. However, many players are claiming that there is hidden MMR in Valorant, based on their experience during the closed beta. This will surely be independent in normal games and ranked, as the latter is where everyone will be truly putting their skills to the test.

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