Dragon Raja Character Appearance | How to Change Your Look

Dragon Raja Character Appearance

One of the biggest appeals in any MMORPG is the diversity of looks and styles that you can choose. Everything starts with character creation, usually a fantastic moment where you can customize the avatar of your dreams. But a few days later, that look and clothes just won't cut it anymore; you want to try different appearances. There is a way to change your Dragon Raja character appearance, but you need to be at a certain level and know where to go.

Dragon Raja Character Appearance | How to Redesign Your Look

Dragon Raja Character Appearance

Cassell College is the place that you need to go in order to change your stylish looks. However, you can't change your hairstyle because that is part of the beauty accessory collection, just like your outfit; you can only earn or purchase hairstyles, it is not possible to customize your hairstyle like you did when you first created your character.

Here are all the steps that you need to take:

  • Access the world map
  • Click on Cassell College
  • On the right side of the Cassell College area map, click on [Makeup] Image Designer
  • When you reach Tony, the Image Designer NPC, click on him and choose Change Look
  • Customize your look as you wish

You can only change your look in Dragon Raja if you are at least level 30. Changing your appearance costs 20 diamonds, which is a fairly cheap price for this.

If you aren't pleased with your gender and size, these options can be changed as well – Tony definitely delivers. However, they are locked until level 70, so you're stuck with your gender for quite a bit.

Furthermore, you can change classes in Dragon Raja as long as you are at least level 40. There is a price to pay in gold, but since the class stats are preserved and it saves you the trouble of starting the adventure all over again, this is a welcomed option.

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