Dragon Raja World Map | How to view the game map

Dragon Raja World Map

The Dragon Raja mobile MMORPG brings a big open world for players to explore. It’s a rich and diverse map where cultures clash and you meet many interesting and enigmatic persons. Accessing other regions isn’t always as straightforward as it should be, and some locations seem to be confined to specific events, such as the gym. Nonetheless, the Dragon Raja world map is going to be your best friend, so let’s learn how you can use it to go places.

How to access the Dragon Raja world map

Dragon Raja World Map

Contrary to what you would expect, the world map isn’t accessible via a map icon. Furthermore, there isn’t a mini-map at all in Dragon Raja, so this isn’t an option either. So, where did Archosaur Games decided to place the map?

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You can access the Dragon Raja world map by clicking or tapping (depending on whether you’re playing on PC or mobile) the weather icon near the top right corner of the screen, right next to the camera icon. This will take you to the region map and it is also where you can check the weather forecast, in case you’re wondering about the forthcoming weather conditions.

In the bottom right corner is the world map icon. Click it and you’ll view the world map, which is mainly divided into three regions: the snowy peaks of Siberia, the diverse mainland, and the Cassell College region. There’s also the Sumeru Throne oil platform, which we’re counting as part of the mainland for organization purposes.

You can head straight to a specific area of the map if you click on the corresponding icons from the region map. This should save you some time as the character will automatically run to the desired location.

Since there isn’t any actual limitation to where you can go at a given time, except during the tutorial, make sure that you take your time to explore the world of Dragon Raja and learn about the usefulness of some locations, as well as where the more important NPCs tend to show up.

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