Dragon Raja Uncensored versus Censored comparison

Dragon Raja Uncensored versus Censored

The Dragon Raja global release brought some great news to those expecting this mobile MMORPG. This impressive Unreal Engine 4 game is launching on February 27, 2020 in North America, Europe, and EMEA in an uncensored version. This means that, occasionally, female classes won’t be sporting those embarrassing shorts under their skirts, just as it mostly happens with the China release. Don’t expect for the Dragon Raja uncensored release to bring any controversial options, as that isn’t the goal here – the outfits are very detailed and rich, evoking different cultures and styles, from casual to formal, among others. However, there are some noteworthy and realistic details that our Dragon Raja uncensored versus censored comparison will show you.

Dragon Raja Uncensored versus Censored comparison | What’s different?

Dragon Raja Uncensored versus Censored comparison pic

While having Dragon Raja uncensored for global territories does bring some changes, not everything is entirely different. For example, a few outfits still come with less-revealing underwear that somehow fits with the overall style of the costume. Besides, the more interesting outfits must be unlocked, before you can play with the in-game photo mode to your heart’s content. The Party Mood outfit is recommended for this activity, but you must unlock it first by holding a Bond Party.

The image comparison above will show you the difference between the Dragon Raja Uncensored versus Censored versions. It’s hard to spot any big differences in most other outfits, so this one should give you a nice outlook on what could eventually change from one region to another. Right after you’ll see other screenshots showing the female Blade Master class as you should find her in the global release.

Granted, it’s not at the level of what we’ve seen in other more daring MMOs like League of Maidens, but Dragon Raja is far from a game that needs to rely on this sort of gimmick to attract a crowd. You should consider this as just an additional piece of eye candy for a game that has tons of content and activities to keep you entertained.

Eventually, future content updates will add more costumes that may or may not highlight this intention. However, that is up to Archosaur Games to decide. One thing is for sure, the Dragon Raja classes Fighter and Scythe that will be coming further down the road are a great excuse to add a few new sets of clothing.

Dragon Raja outfitDragon Raja Uncensored versus Censored comparisonDragon Raja Uncensored

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