How to unlock Hidden Tales in Mir M: Vanguard and Vagabond

How to unlock Hidden Tales in Mir M

Are you wondering how to unlock Hidden Tales in Mir M: Vanguard and Vagabond? Before that, here’s some context to this mode that fans of Mir 4 are surely excited for. In Mir M, these hidden stories are supposed to be the equivalent of Mir 4’s Mystery Quests, but there have been a few changes in mechanics that can’t be ignored. Some of them may leave you bewildered, and that’s what we’ll dive into in this Mir M Hidden Tales guide.

How to unlock Hidden Tales in Mir M: Vanguard and Vagabond

How to unlock Hidden Tales in Mir M

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Your first happening into a Mir M Hidden Tale is going to be an easy one, but probably the only secret story that you will complete without issues. Just follow the tutorial and you will get to the point where you pick up the Gingko Secret History Scroll Chapter 1. Use it from your inventory and the Vanished Record quest will start. Press this prompt from your quest list and follow the directions, keep doing it and battle the enemies as requested, until you finally complete this Hidden Tale called The Burnt Gingko Tree Chapter 1.

Unlocking the next chapters and Hidden Tales is where things get complicated. On the Adventure page you can click a blank page scroll on the right to read the Hidden Tale Clue, detailing how you can access this part of the story. The means is mostly the same – find the respective Secret History Scroll and use it in your inventory.

The most common ways to get Secret History Scrolls, in theory, is from the following ways: defeating rare monsters (the Water Guardian in Gingko Valley Area, Bicheon Corner, which seems to respawn every seven minutes according to closed beta times), fishing the Lost item (when you open it you get a random item, which may even be an item to register in the Adventure collectible area or offer as a gift to an NPC to increase affinity), or from normal chests.

However, after many hours of fishing and several dozens of opened Gingko Lost Items, there was still no Secret History Scroll in sight. I decided to switch my aim to the rare monsters, the Water Guardian in particular, a very easy level 10 creature to solo – still, easily over ten victories and no sign of the Hidden Tale scroll.

I decided to investigate the issue and discovered reports from players in the Korean version stating that they had defeated the Water Guardian over 60 times and never managed to get the scroll among the loot this creature drops.

So, unless the RNG gods help you or something changes in the meantime, you’d better just progress in Mir M without focusing too much on the Hidden Tales. This could also be a bug that may be solved in the future, so maybe you can return later to hunt for the Secret History Scrolls.

Let us know in the comments if you managed to loot any Secret History Scrolls and how you did it, so you can help other MirM players.

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