Mir M Gold Node in Darkness Request Guide

Mir M Gold Node in Darkness Request Guide

Request missions are a type of quests that you can explore in Mir M: Vanguard and Vagabond. Just like in Mir 4, these often task you with eliminating a specific number of enemies, but in Mir M most of these Requests are automatic, saving you the joy of discovering how to achieve them; on the other hand, it's faster and one could also say that it saves you the time. However, a few of them remain manual and it's up to you to find out to complete them. This Mir M Gold Node in Darkness Request guide will show you how you can complete the aforementioned quest.

How to Complete the Mir M Gold Node in Darkness Request

How to Complete the Mir M Gold Node in Darkness Request

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No matter how much you try clicking on the mission from your quest list, it won't take you anywhere. The objective says “Clear Abandoned Gold Mine” but you only get the message “This quest does not support auto progress” when you click it. So, we have to find it the manual way.

Your first bet may have been to open the map and look for any place that has an entrance to the Abandoned Gold Mine, as we did. After a few minutes of searching there was no progress, so here's how you can find said Abandoned Gold Mine.

Open the menu in the upper right corner and go to the Dungeon option. This is where the Abandoned Gold Mine is – turns out it's not a region, but a dungeon that you can access thanks to your daily free entry ticket. This dungeon has a recommended power score of 1,800, something that you should be able to attain at about level 20-ish.

Now it's a matter of following the path and eliminating all the enemies in your way. By the end of the dungeon you will face the boss, Evil Nether Spirit, but even if you don't defeat it, the Gold Node in Darkness Request will still be completed – all you had to do was defeat the enemies in the dungeon. Don't forget to claim your random reward to complete your Gold Node in Darkness quest.

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