Mir M Best Class | Which Class is Recommended in Mir M?

Mir M Best Class Which Class is Recommended in Mir M

Which one is Mir M best class? This is something many fans of Wemade's MMORPG are wondering right now. After the global release set for 2023, Mir M: Vanguard and Vagabond will welcome Dragonians of all regions into the game, but first they will have to choose one of three very distinct classes: Warrior, Taoist, and Sorcerer. The choice is a tough one, so here's a Mir M class guide to help you decide in true conscience.

Mir M Classes in Detail

Mir M Best Class Which Class is Recommended in Mir M

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Three classes aren't much to go by, but you should at least find one that suits your playstyle. Below you will find a brief breakdown of the three classes, right before we reveal which is the best Mir M class to level up faster.


The Warrior is a class that traditionally excels in the Strength and Health departments, but it is melee based, with all the advantages and disadvantages that come it with. Despite this limitation, some skills allow him to move closer to the enemies in a blink, or to apply confusion in a small area of effect and incapacitate his foes.


The Sorcerer is a long-range magic user capable of attacking a single target or a specific area. The obvious downside is that this is a weak class in terms of build, mostly HP and Defense stats, which means that you should always keep at a distance or risk death. Despite being one of the hardest classes to fully explore, it's a great choice due to it's range and DPS. In a party with several Warriors to keep the frontlines busy, the Sorcerer is an extremely valuable class to have.


The Taoist is a resourceful class that mixes and matches some of the aspects from the Warrior and Taoist. While it is the best support class by far with her heal, buff, and debuff abilities, she is a balanced class that acts as expected in any occasion. The highlight, however, is the ability to summon Nachal, magical creatures that will help divert enemy attentions and give you time to breathe between each fight. The Nachal grow stronger in sync with the respective skill level up, so this is a valuable ally in every occasion.

Which is the Best Mir M Class?

After trying each class and giving them some thought, our conclusion is tha the best Mir M class is the Taoist. The invaluable Nachal summon is what tipped the balance in its favor, as it allows for tanking in a way that is more effective than what the other two jobs are capable of achieving. Besides, it's a well-rounded class with its buff and debuff abilities, perfect for a role in a party, but capable to fend off alone as well.

If you are solely looking for the Mir M class that levels up faster, both the Taoist and the Sorcerer are good choices. On the other hand, the Warrior is the worse for this aspect, and I'll explain why.

As any Mir 4 player knows, the late level grind is an extenuating one that usually involves leaving a character AFK for several hours farming enemies on the same spot. These enemies need to be about 10-15 levels below your character, in order to save on health potions and risk of death. The same is valid for Mir M: Vanguard and Vagabond, so get ready to leave your class grinding for long hours just to earn a bit of EXP.

And why is the Warrior worse at leveling up? Because he has to get up close to each enemy to kill it, while the Taoist and Sorcerer can attack foes from a distance without moving from the same spot. In practical terms, the Warrior will spend a large amount of time running to the enemies while the other classes just hit from afar; worse still, if there are other players grinding in the same area as you – which is highly likely – they are bound to take out your targets right before you get close to them, resulting in much wasted time.

So, our conclusion is that the best Mir M class is the Taoist. Let us know if you agree after trying it out.

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