Mir M Avatar Guide | What Are Avatars Used For?

Mir M Avatar Guide

Avatars in Mir M: Vanguard and Vagabond are not only cosmetic, but also add some practical buffs to your character. It’s worth to choose wisely, as the differences may appear slight, but they can be crucial in various parts of the adventure. They change the look of your character, but the best players know how to frequently switch them whenever they see the opportunity, and in this Mir M avatar guide we will try to explain why this is a vital system

Mir M Avatar Guide and Tips

Mir M Avatar Guide | What Are Avatars Used For?

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Avatars are the costumes that give you boosts and buffs in Mir M, each one comes with various stats that could be useful at different times. For example, wear an Avatar with fishing buff when you want to go fishing, or one with a mining buff for mining. There are also Avatars with buffs for combat, defense, and much more. You can also combine Avatars of the same rank to get an improved Avatar, so there’s the possibility of getting something rare that very few players manage to have.

Combining Avatars is extremely easy. Just go to the Combine option on the upper left and pick four Avatars of the same grade. You will get this warning when there are enough costumes to combine, so it’s not like you’re going to be left in the dark. Discovering new Avatars will also contribute to the Avatar Codex and will bestow upon you new buffs, all of these contributing to your overall power score.

Avatars are part of the gacha in Mir M as well, same as Companions. You may use tickets to try and get the best ones, so keep at it and eventually you’ll have a big and varied selection in your hands, providing you with options for all the challenges that you are going to face.

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