Riot Games reveals Diablo-style action RPG Project F

Diablo-style action RPG Project F

The Diablo-style action RPG Project F was another one of Riot Games' surprising announcements during its 10th anniversary livestream. The reveal was so low-profile that it would be understandable if many viewers even failed to notice it.

However, it's hard not to be excited for it, judging by a potential mix of the lore of Runeterra from League of Legends with the action RPG mechanics of Diablo, or the upcoming Torchlight Frontiers. In fact, the brief seconds of footage show a game that is quicker compared to Echtra Games' upcoming Torchlight MMO than with Blizzard's classic hack and slash franchise.

The action RPG Project F is described as a “project that explores the possibilities of traversing the world of Runeterra with your friends,” but it seems to leave out the part of “… and destroying whatever crosses your path.” That official description alone would make it sound like some sort of social MMO, but the footage leaves no question whatsoever: it is a colorful action role-playing game played in an isometric point of view, similar to League of Legends art style and perspective.

That is all we know so far about Project F. It clearly is a co-op game as the footage below shows – skip to 2:40 and you'll see three players fighting a bunch of creatures.

We wouldn't expect Project F to release anytime soon; development is in the early stages and it could be a couple of years until we get a playable version. Which is exactly the same that you can expect from a couple of other games that Riot revealed during the Riot Pls Anniversary: the tactical shooter Project A and the League of Legends fighting game Project L. At least, the CCG Legends of Runeterra seems to be in a far more advanced stage, and you can already pre-register on the official website.

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