Marvel Future Revolution Hydra Empire Collectibles Locations Guide

Marvel Future Revolution Hydra Empire Collectibles Locations Guide

The Hydra Empire is the second region that you'll get to explore and cleanse in Marvel Future Revolution (play free on PC now). It is comprised of just two main areas, Hell's Kitchen and Liberty Legion Safe House, but the former is one of the largest maps in the game. As it happened in New Stark City, if you've completed all the epic missions and side-quests you should have no major issues overcoming the challenges in this map. A boss fight or two may require you to make full use of your combat skills, so when the time comes don't leave your fate in the hands of the lacking auto-combat. But we're talking about collectible boxes here, so scroll down to find all the Marvel Future Revolution Hydra Empire collectibles locations.

Marvel Future Revolution Hydra Empire Collectibles Locations

Marvel Future Revolution Hydra Empire Collectibles Locations Guide

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The Hydra Empire region is well-known for fans of Captain America. The region fell upon the grasp of Hydra when Captain America disappeared, and with this the organization ended up winning World War II and even changed the name of their world to Hydramerica. The Convergence has turned Red Skull's grip even tighter, so this is where the Omega Flight comes in.

You can find all the collectibles for the Hydra Empire region below. These are marked in the map by the blue boxes, and to make things easier you can just click on a box and your hero will go there and collect it. Inside you may find the following items: Hydra Code of Conduct, Symbol of Freedom, Ration Ticket, Hydra Medal, 2nd Grade ID, and Dog Tag. Their only purpose is to be extracted in the Convergence Box that you can find at the Omega Flight Headquarters, creating synchronized particles.

You can click on any map image to enlarge it.

Hell's Kitchen Collectibles

The Hell Kitchen is a very large map and includes a total of 32 collectibles.

Collectibles Hydra Empire Hells Kitchen 32 total

Liberty Legion Safe House Collectibles

The Liberty Legion Safe House is a very small and enclosed area that you can complete in a few minutes. It includes four collectibles.

Collectibles Hydra Empire Liberty Region Safe House 4 total

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