Marvel Future Revolution New Stark City Collectibles Locations Guide

Marvel Future Revolution New Stark City Collectibles Locations Guide

Marvel Future Revolution‘s epic adventure (play free on PC now) will take you across several regions of increasing difficulty. You'll fight various supervillains, small and large, including some well-known foes such as Nebula, Kingpin, or Maestro. One of the first regions where you must restore order and complete a significant amount of epic missions, not to mention side missions and hidden quests, is New Stark City. But there are collectibles as well to find and collect, an important and decidedly more peaceful part of your odyssey in this game. Since they're not always easy to track, we've made this Marvel Future Revolution New Stark City collectibles locations guide so that you never get lost in your quest for all the boxes.

Marvel Future Revolution New Stark City Collectibles Locations

Marvel Future Revolution Guide New Stark City Black Widow

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New Stark City was envisioned by Tony Stark and was crucial in the survival of Primary Earth. It is represents the peak of technology and was developed in conjunction with Hank Pym’s Ultron. The design is centered around Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S., with the aim of finding a solution for the Convergence.

There are four main areas in New Stark City, the locations where you can find collectible boxes. The scope of each area isn't big – in fact, it is among the smallest that you'll explore in the game, so it shouldn't take you a long time to find each collectible and complete the achievement for this regions.

Nevertheless, here are the four regions (Central City, Operation Base Project PEGASUS, Ultron Assembly Plant and Research Sector Project PEGASUS) and the respective collectibles. These are represented by the small blue boxes and you can move straight to them or just click one on the map and your character will go there and collect it.

Collectibles in this region include the following, sometimes coming in different tiers: Ultron A.I., Vibranium Bone Structure, Energy Converter, The Daily Bugle Newspaper, SIU Staff ID, Machine Leg. You shouldn't worry about the items at all, because their only function is to serve as material for the Convergence Box, resulting in synchronized particles that you can use to pull a random item or currency among five options.

Central City Collectibles

Central City has a total of 14 collectible boxes to find and pick up.

Collectibles New Stark City Central City 14 Collectibles total complete

Operation Base, Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Collectibles

This map includes a mere seven collectibles to grab.

Collectibles New Stark City Operation Base Project PEGASUS 7 Total complete

New Stark City Ultron Assembly Plant Collectibles

The Ultron Assembly Plant is a straightforward dungeon where you can pick up five collectibles.

Collectibles New Stark City Ultron Assembly Plant 5 Collectibles total complete

Research Sector, Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Collectibles

The Research Sector offers you the chance to get 10 collectibles in total.

New Stark City Research Sector Project PEGASUS achievements

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