Marvel Future Revolution Xandearth Collectibles Locations Guide

Marvel Future Revolution Xandearth Collectibles Locations

Your epic Marvel Future Revolution (play free on PC now) adventure continues in Xandearth, hopefully after properly clearing New Stark City and Hydra Empire. This new region contains three main areas with the usual host of epic missions, side-quests, world bosses, and dozens of enemies for you to enrich your villain log. One of the ways to earn crystals in Marvel Future Revolution is by completing various progress ranks in each region, something that is done by performing tasks, including finding all the collectible boxes. It's here that our Marvel Future Revolution Xandearth collectibles locations guide is going to help you.

Marvel Future Revolution Xandearth Collectibles Locations

Marvel Future Revolution Xandearth Collectibles Locations Guide

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Xandearth is a futuristic place that looks amazing, but don't let that distract you from the tough challenges ahead. For a little context, this new home originated from the remains of Xandar, which was destroyed by Thanos. The survivors settled on Earth and there was born Xandearth as we get to know in Marvel Future Revolution.

The three big areas will require a lot of running – or flying, in case you decided to go with Iron Man, Storm, Captain Marvel or Doctor Strange. Since some of the collectibles may be tucked away in places that you didn't really explore, the automatic map pin may fail to trigger. Hence, the images below will show you where to get every Marvel Future Revolution collectible, just follow the tiny blue boxes and you'll be good.

Each box contains one material among the following: Convergence Observation Record, Xandearth Administrative Log, Rocket Engine, Kyln Uniform, Crumpled Xandarian Aloy, and Modified Worldmind Receiver. Don't think too much into it, just go to the Convergence Box at the Omega Flight Headquarters, extract these objects, and use the resulting synchronized particles. After all, that's what their purpose is, nothing more.

City Cluster Collectibles

You can grab 11 collectible boxes from this fairly circular map.

Xandearth City Cluster 11 collectibles

The Hub Cluster Collectibles

There are 11 collectibles waiting for you in this weirdly-shaped map.

Xandearth Hub Cluster 11 collectibles

Headquarter Cluster Collectibles

The Headquarter Cluster has 14 collectibles waiting to be found and picked up.

Xandearth Headquarter Cluster 14 Collectibles total

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