Marvel Future Revolution Sakaar Collectibles Locations Guide

Marvel Future Revolution Midgardia Collectibles Locations Guide

Play free on PC now. The battle gets hotter as you move into Sakaar, Marvel Future Revolution‘s fifth and final region, at least during the global launch window. The inhospitable and dry deserts are the stage for the largest conflicts yet, culminating in a massive showdown against the hulking Maestro, but we're not going to spoil it here for you. Right now, we're pointing you in the direction of all the Sakaar collectibles, so that you don't miss a single one. Keep reading to find our Marvel Future Revolution Sakaar collectibles locations guide.

Marvel Future Revolution Sakaar Collectibles Locations

Marvel Future Revolution Guide Sakaar Black Widow

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Sakaar is ruled by the tyrant Maestro, but the Omega Flight team that includes our stunning Black Widow from the image above is going to put up quite some fight. There are four regions to explore and many citizens to rescue, but with high risks come high rewards. Collectibles are a small part of your loot in Sakaar, but a full completion rate will reward you with achievements that yield bigger prizes.

By now you surely know that the items inside the collectible boxes have no other purpose than to be converted into synchronized particles. You do this at the Omega Flight headquarters, on the Convergence Box machine. The resulting particles can be used to draw one of five items or currency that are shown at a given time – you can spend crystals to lock one item and keep it there, but in all honestly this isn't worth the amount that it is asking for.

For the record, here are the items that are inside the collectible boxes found in the Sakaar region: Gladiator Certification, Gamma Ray Extractor, Obedience Disc, Champion Statue, and Arena Ticket.

Crown City Collectibles

Find 10 collectibles in Crown City.

Marvel Future Revolution Sakaar Collectibles Locations

Great Desert Collectibles

A grand total of eight collectibles are to be found in the Great Desert. Well, not that great a loot, but it's something.

Marvel Future Revolution Sakaar Collectibles Locations

Polluted Plain Collectibles

The Polluted Plain contains nine collectibles, but they are far apart and require quite a lot of running.

Valley of the Chosen One Collectibles

Nine collectibles await you in the Valley of the Chosen One.

We hope this Marvel Future Revolution Sakaar collectibles locations guide saved you of some running around and gave you a little boost for the massive battle that awaits at the end of this region.

Marvel Future Revolution was developed by Netmarble Monster and you can download it for free from the Play Store and App Store.

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