Rogue Company Error Code 1,000,104,397 Fix

Rogue Company Error Code 1,000,104,397 Fix

With all the attention that it is getting, Hi-Rez is working around the clock to fix Rogue Company errors. Players on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch are reporting error codes that prevent them from playing the ambitious third-person shooter from the makers of SMITE and Paladins. It's nothing unusual for a game in Early Access and the exact same has happened with Riot Games' Valorant. We have spotted a new issue with the game that may be affecting many players, so until Hi-Rez publishes an official Rogue Company Error Code List, here is our Rogue Company error code 1000104397 fix.

Rogue Company Error Code 1,000,104,397 Fix

Rogue Company Error Code 1000104397 fix

This error code 1,000,104,397, or 1000104397 if you prefer, has been reported by some players on Xbox One. This doesn't mean that it isn't bound to happen in other platforms, but for now we can safely assume that it is exclusive to the Xbox One console.

According to the report, some players were trying to log on for an hour or more and the error code just shows up. While other errors such as 1000,018,808 may indicate that the servers are down for maintenance or that they are full, this code seems to have a completely different purpose. It seems that an Xbox One restart is in order, because there may be an update preventing the game from launching.

So, if the error code 1000104397 happens to you, make sure that your Xbox One console is up-to-date before trying to relaunch the game. Reinstalling Rogue Company and checking for game updates is another suggestion that may help players who are still struggling with the Rogue Company error code 1000104397.

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