Tower of Fantasy Housing System | Can You Build Your Own House?

Tower of Fantasy Housing System

Tower of Fantasy is the exciting open world MMO in development by Hotta Studio and Perfect World for PC, Android, and iOS. This game has created quite a stir since its reveal trailer, but the following months and closed betas helped its developers pass the point across – this is no mere Genshin Impact wannabee, it is a fully-fledged MMORPG that is getting better and better as weeks go by. What kind of features does Tower of Fantasy have? A terrific character creation system, action combat, PvP, land, air, and water mounts, and much more. But is there a Tower of Fantasy housing system, something that many players are usually looking forward in MMO games?

Tower of Fantasy Player Housing

Tower of Fantasy player housing

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So, is there a Tower of Fantasy housing system? The answer is yes, Hotta Studio has created the tools that allow you to enjoy some leisure time away from all the dangers. You can build and decorate your own house without worries.

While Genshin Impact uses the Serenitea Pot as your getaway into player housing, Tower of Fantasy features a private island for each player. This is no world housing like you find in open world MMORPGs such as ArcheAge, and thankfully so – the land rush is usually so crazy and relentless that you might be left without hopes of getting a piece of that housing system.

You'll want to jump onto your very own private isle the moment that it is available. The reason for this is simple: you can't do anything but explore the location and interact with the vending machines because the buildings will be under construction for one day.

So, when does Tower of Fantasy come out? It's hard to say at this point, but we can speculate on a late 2021 release in China and 2022 for North America and Europe. We'll keep on top of any updates in our Tower of Fantasy release date guide.

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