Closers Online is coming to North America and Europe with En Masse

Closers Online is coming to North America and Europe

It's finally happening! Closers Online is coming to North America and Europe thanks to TERA and Kritika Online publisher En Masse Entertainment. While an official announcement is yet to be released, when reached by Massively OP, En Masse had the following to say:

“An official announcement may be CLOSER than you think.”

Now that is a clever pun and a clear confirmation that Closers Online is finally getting an official English version. A private English server called CODE: Closers is already doing the rounds, but this is the real deal. In fact, you may recall this post from February 2017 where developer Naddic Games mentioned a potential North America official launch.

But let's back to the start. How did this En Masse/Closers Online rumor started? Well, during an official Kritika Online stream, some clever players happened to notice Closers sitting right next to En Masse's other games, Kritika Online and AVA, in the community manager’s launcher. You can watch the image below to see for yourself. Obviously, this wasn't some kind of fake rumor as it was taken from an official stream, so it was 99,9% sure that it was a real thing. Now we just have to wait for the official announcement.

This seems like a clever move to us. After getting the 3D anime brawler Kritika Online, currently in open beta, En Masse snags the side-scrolling anime brawler from a team that has already worked on Elsword Online. Another anime brawler that would round things up nicely would be Soulworker Online, but Gameforge acquired the rights for that one – and now we're left eternally waiting for news on that. Maybe during Gamescom 2017?

Closers Online is a side-scrolling brawler featuring anime characters tasked with stopping a monstrous interdimensional invasion. These heroes are high school students and members of the organization known as Black Lambs.

Closers Online is coming to North America and Europe

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