Dragon Raja Reaper class is coming next week to global server, watch the trailer

Dragon Raja Reaper class

Developer Archosaur Games has revealed the Dragon Raja Reaper class release date for the global servers. This is the sixth class for the mobile MMORPG, coming barely a month after the release of the Fighter class. At this rate, the English servers will catch up to the original Chinese version in no time. The Reaper is coming to hunt the other classes on June 11, 2020.

Originally known as Scythe based on the translation from the China release, the new Dragon Raja class was renamed Reaper for the English version. This change makes absolute sense, because you don't see the Gunslinger Class being called Gun, or the Blade Master class dubbed as Swords.

Dragon Raja Reaper class Scythe

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But I digress. The Scythe… I mean, Reaper is a grim and gothic class that brings a purple cat and a raven to help her out. These are part of her skill set, as you can see in a Reaper skill showcase right after the official class announcement below.

The Reaper class element is Earth, same as the Assassin. This should give you a decent idea about the core build that you should aim for this class. In theory, this is a class that is expected to put up a fight against the Blade Master, but we'll have to wait and see how it will be ported into the global servers.

Dragon Raja China is about to receive its seventh class, which is widely being called the Puppet Master, or Puppeteer, based on the teasers unveiled so far. At this pace, we might be getting this one before the end of the year. Until then, we are likely to see some massive improvements to the housing system with the addition of house parties, and even an Auto Chess mode is in the works. Dragon Raja just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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