Dragon Raja Blossom Tale Guide | Full Gold Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Blossom Tale Guide

Dragon Raja fans, did you miss the clue wall feature? Well, you're in for a surprise as it returns in the new gold Tale Blossom. This is the 12th Gold anecdote tale, released alongside The Story of Yesterday. It is also likely to be the longest tale yet released, requiring you to spend between one and two hours to complete it, without taking into account the hour that you have to wait during one specific quest. There are no murders this time, it's mostly a matter of a lovely popstar who crosses your path, but sadly something goes wrong with her latest record. Read the Dragon Raja Blossom Tale guide below to come to the bottom of this mystery.

Dragon Raja Blossom Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Blossom Tale Guide Ayase Temple

Blossom – Cherry blossoms bloom in a flash, leaving countless branches waiting behind

Trigger the Blossom Tale in the Tokyo parking lot (281,340) by speaking with detective Ura Matsuyama. You’ll eavesdrop on a conversation about letting things slide or make someone pay the price for his crimes. You get the idea that you should go to Asakusa Temple, so do it right away.

By the entrance of the temple you’ll find two young girls chatting, speak to them (201,352). They run inside and so should you, right to the temple entrance (116,355). Near the girls, click on the interaction icon to see them chat then walk a little bit, and do it again a few times. This is for the line to move so that you can enter the temple – just run against the barrier when your turn comes.

On the Asakusa Temple courtyard, speak to the girl in front of you, Shimizu Ayase, also known as Arase (32,59). She’s a bit nervous, so choose an answer such as “Just relax. Let’s go in together.” Follow her inside until you reach Master Hongming, who you’ll speak to. Listen to his wisdom and choose one of the following:

  • All people are equal before the law
  • Rivers are running to the lowland
  • Harmony of mind

Finish the conversation and run back to the exit, following your newfound friend. Once outside, speak to her again and start running across the road to escape the paparazzi. When you reach Shin Kohana, celebrity assistant also known as Shin Konoha, if this part doesn’t trigger search for the mission with the [O] in your quest list. Shin should have an exclamation mark now, so talk to her.

Dragon Raja Blossom Tale Guide Phone

So, let me get this straight: Ayase wants us to call her, but she won’t give us her phone number? Wow.

Anyway, walk a bit and you’ll find detective Ura ahead, so why don’t you talk to him? He is a bit rude, but at least he gave you his card and promised that he would help you find Miss Ayase. Where could his office be? Check the card in your inventory to see the clues, which are just three symbols: cross, square, circle.

Go to the detective’s office (429,327) and have a chat with him. Ask about the crime scene and proceed to read the phone book close to the door. Open your inventory and use the tracker three times in a row to get the location of the target. Use the computer, choose “Enter command” and enter “z646”. Your target is Taki Nakamura, an interior designer, married and with a 5-year-old daughter.

With this info you can exit the office and head over to the place that the tracker pointed out (256,417). Talk to the policeman outside and enter room 413. Look around for evidence, starting with the footprints on the floor. You can keep or remove the evidence based on your moral beliefs. Check the diary below the television, once again there’s no interaction icon, so just press it. The bedside drawer has a bank deposit reading a balance of 35,000 Yuan, and there’s a cashbox in the corner (you can put in 5000 Yuan). On the table near the bed there’s a knife.

Make sure that you exit the room only when you’re completely satisfied with your tinkering, because you won’t be able to enter again.

Dragon Raja Blossom Tale Guide Detective Ura

Return to the detective’s office (429,327) and go talk to him. Based on my actions, there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest the man, and so the detective agrees to give me the Ayase’s details, and her number is in the phone book. Use the phone booth to dial freely the number 06710 and reach out to a surprised Shimizu Ayase.

So, what did you call her for?

  • I miss you
  • Date
  • Have a play

Both “I miss you” and “Date” will make you meet Ayase in the boutique in an hour. Now you have to wait for one real hour before meeting her at the boutique, something that you can do by accessing the world map and clicking on the name – it’s between Tokyo Tower and the Barbershop.

When the time comes, she’ll be standing near the entrance (28,17), so go and say hi. She’ll ask you to help with her clothes in a dress-up game. To get an “S” grade, pick the second dress, black, and the third haircut, white. You can try other combinations as this doesn’t affect your progress. Talk to her again and she suggests going downstairs to play on the claw machine, so go near the door and press the [O] in your quest list if you can’t cross to the other location – using the icon will only take you outside to Tokyo.

The “downstairs” looks awfully similar to the place where you participate in Bond parties. If for some reason you exit the room, go back to the Boutique and talk to the Salesgirl, she’ll give you the option to return downstairs. Meet Ayase at the claw machine (137,131) and insert 100 gold to play, until you get a gift box. These machines are rigged. Rigged, I tell you!

Dragon Raja Blossom Tale Guide Ayase

Anyway, talk to Ayase and follow her to the dance floor, where you’ll have to wait for the interaction icon to show up nearby, or check the mission in your quest list. After a short dance, go after her to the rooftop and hear her confessions. When the monologue ends, you’ll get a worrying comm from detective Ura urging you to return to his office in Tokyo (429,327).

Talk to Ura, he’ll tell you about some serious issues with Ayase’s new record, and also that our little escapade with her is all over the news. Go to the computer, choose “Enter command” and type “news” to see that this is indeed true. You’re dating a celebrity, go you!

Speak with Ura a couple more times and you’re ready to welcome the return of the dreadful clue wall. This feature was used before in another Gold Tale, Night of the Asao Fish, and it wasn’t loved by players. Still, you have to work with what you’re given. Go to the phone booth and call Ayase by dialing the number 06710 to tell her that you’re on the case. Then call Kohana by dialing 05050, and she accuses you of being after her looks or her fortune.

Go share your findings with the detective and get ready to do some hacking. Use the computer and enter the command “intercept01234”. Choose Tatsumi’s motto, which is “Justice”. You witness a comm between Tatsumi and Kohana where they schedule a meeting at Hot Spring Resort, room 304, in an hour. Tell this to the detective and you’re given the option to “hire a substitute”, “swap rooms”, or “install bug.” Hiring a substitute sounds like a good plan, given that Tatsumi haven’t met Kohana personally yet. However, you must talk to Ura again and choose the other answers as well to know how to act out your plan.

The three tasks should show up in your quest list:

  • [O] Install a bug in room 304
  • [O] Hire substitute female assistant
  • [O] Sneak into the back of the elevator

Blossom Room 304

You can do the tasks in any order, but let’s start by hiring an assistant. Exit the office and still in Tokyo, find the car stand close by. To its right is the door to the hiring market (360,433), so enter the agency. Take a look around and examine the girls for hire, who looks the most with Kohana? No, not the guy for sure, you must choose the girl with the short hair, code V1 (5,4). Go to the middleman at the entrance and buy a V1 nametag for 1,000 gold. Back to the girl and click her to sign a contract and send her to room 304.

The next mission is to install a bug in room 304. Go to Tokyo and find the entrance to Hot Spring Resort near a bus stop (450,314). Enter the elevator shaft and at the back there’s an interaction icon that triggers a guessing minigame. Solve it and use the elevator buttons to go to room 404. Click on the door icon to change the room number, and then enter “304”. Exit the room, go to room 304 and plant a bug near the television (17,13), then exit the room.

All tasks are done, so you can go and meet Kohana’s impersonator in room 404. She’s kneeling in front of the table, speak to her. The communication between her and Tatsumi begins, and you should reply “I have told you” to his first question. Keep talking and from the next options choose “When did you start recording it?”. Say “Yes” to controlling the recording equipment, and for the final question choose “Where did you go after that?” Speak to Kohana to end the event and exit the room.

It’s time to return to the detective’s office (429,327) and analyze the new leads. Talk to him and hit the clue wall by going into the Tale menu and clicking the Clue Wall button.

Choose the following two cards and connect them with a line to unlock a new lead: “Ayase has been recording the whole time…” and “After the end of the recording, neither Ayase nor…”. This unveils the new lead “The record must be replaced during the recording session.”

Dragon Raja Blossom Tale Guide Studio

Exit the clue wall and talk to Ura, who says that we must go to the recording studio, although he doesn’t have the address. Use the phone to call Ayase with the number 06710 and she’ll ask you to accompany her to the studio, the address is Tokyo, 448,488. Exit the office and run to the studio.

Talk to Ayase to begin a confrontation between her, Kohana, Ura, and the recording company boss. After that, search the surveillance cameras recognizable by the hand icon, and then talk to Ayase about them. Head over to Ura and say “Film a music video” before chatting with big boss Shugo Ishiguro and choosing an option such as “Life tidbits” or “Studio Version MV.” Convince both Kohana and Ayase to film a video.

When it is done, talk to the Staff member to get the three photos. Speak to Ura and he’ll tell you to check the photos and find the suspicious one, you can use them in your inventory to view them. Give Ura the midway photo where Kohana is operating the recording machine, then go inspect the machine. The recorder makes a weird noise, not good.

It’s clue wall time again. Pick Kohana from the suspects list and then drag a few clues around her, linking each one to her photo. Check the image below for the final chart and when you have everything linked up, press “Confirm Evidence.”

Dragon Raja Blossom Tale Guide Clue Wall

Confront Kohana with your findings and the big boss will fire her. Console the naïve Ayase and you can choose to say “Leave me alone” or “Let me have a walk with you.” You’re probably going to choose the second option, but Ayase wants to go to church and repent to god, promising that she’ll get in touch later.

Talk to detective Sakurai Tatsumi to finish the Blossom Tale, earning the achievement, the Cunning Detective title, a Glow Stick Moments medal, and 10 anecdote points.

We hope that this Dragon Raja Blossom Tale guide helped you, this was surely one of the longest anecdotes released so far. We’ll see if Ayase gets in touch in the future, but I sincerely doubt it.

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