Fortnite: Survive the Storm event ending, Horde Bash event coming

fortnite Horde Bash event

Enjoy the rest of Fortnite's Survive the Storm event, as Epic Games is going to put an end to it on October 2 at 4.00 A.M. EDT. But don't worry, as you won't be staring at a wall for long.

The new Horde Bash event is coming to Fortnite soon, and Epic Games promised more details for later this week, which probably means tomorrow. This event includes pre-built forts, tons of husks, instant co-op action and more, whatever this means.

This update is part of Fortnite's PvE component, so you shouldn't be too worried about the new PvP Battle Royale mode hogging all of the developer's resources. This Battle Royale is actually proving to be quite popular, with over 1 million players during its first day. It sure helps that this mode is standalone and free for everyone to download, and the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds controversy probably helped a bit.

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