Hi-Rez’s shooter Rogue Company gameplay reveal with release date

Rogue Company gameplay reveal

Hi-Rez Studios has officially unleashed the Rogue Company gameplay reveal into the world. This third-person shooter is developed by First Watch Games and is set for a release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, featuring cross-platform play.

You may recall Rogue Company from its reveal in September 2019, with a trailer that showed us some bits of gameplay. However, the new gameplay gives you a closer look into the game's mechanics, characters, and game modes.

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The Rogue Company is a vigilante squad sent to heated situations that  even the governments can't put an end to. This is the premise for an intense TPS that tries to add some fun into the tired and overly serious genre of competitive shooters, as executive producer Chris Larson says: “We're tired of grown-up shooters being overly serious.”

There is no word on the current number of playable mercenaries and game modes, but the devs promise that this will be an ever-growing number of characters, modes, weapons, and gadgets.

Rogue Company gameplay reveal

At the helm of Rogue Company's development sits former Halo world champion, Scott Lussier. First Watch Games is a new studio comprised of Hi-Rez developers and industry veterans with many years of experience.

Rogue Company is currently in alpha and you can get a key by signing up and crossing your fingers. The Rogue Company release date is set for the same day during the coming summer on all platforms, with the PC version being available exclusively via Epic Games Store.

With Riot Games' shooter Valorant and Wargaming's Caliber, Rogue Company is another quality free first-person shooter to enter the fray in 2020. Will any of this be the Overwatch killer that the world has been waiting for?

Watch the Rogue Company gameplay reveal trailer below and tell us what you think.

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