Hyper Universe gets new hyper Signal and a new map

Hyper Universe Signal

Hyper Universe is getting a new content update and just as the previous one, it adds a new Hyper and a new map. The hyper is a cybernetic Striker called Signal and he (or it?) comes with some attacks that allow him to snipe enemy targets from a distance. He also brought his Plasma Repeater, a rapid fire skill that deals high damage but impairs his movement. You can purchase Signal during Early Access for 15,000 GP, which you earn from playing matches or completing the tutorial. You can discover Signal's abilities here.

The new map is called Fortress of the Guardians (not Fortress of Solitude, sorry), and until October 4, players will be able to participate in this event where you have to capture a random number of shrines throughout the map. Shrine locations are random, so things will get pretty chaotic. The content update also opens access to Hyper Universe to players from South East Asia and Japan, with other regions following shortly.

Hyper Universe will be free-to-play at launch, but if you want to jump in during Early Access you have to spend $15.99, something that gets you 24 unlocked Hypers and four more to unlock by playing.

Hyper Universe is also the game that was censored recently due to the provocative character design. The changes are slight, so it's not like we're shocked with this decision. If you want to see all the current Hypers and skins from the Korean version, this video is the way to go.

Hyper Universe fortress of the guardians
Hyper Universe Signal
Hyper Universe fortress of the guardians


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