KurtzPel cinematic prologue is back with English voice-over

Kurtzpel English trailer

The KurtzPel cinematic prologue has come a long way. It all started with a short version in Korean language only; nearly a year later we were treated to an extended version with English subtitles; today, it's the real deal: the full 4-minute cinematic with English voice-over.

Now you have no excuse not to understand what is going on. Unless, of course, things are a bit cryptic and you can't quite get the whole picture. It's been over a year and I still can't figure out what happened to the other kid – the one who's sleeping at 0:48. Did he die…? If he did, it's kind of rude that his parents don't even seem to worry about him. “Eh, he wasn't the chosen one, who cares.”

But maybe I'm reading too much into it. KurtzPel enters free Early Access on April 30, 2019.


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