KurtzPel PvE battle shows giant black panther and Darkelf Karin bosses

KurtzPel PvE battle

Well, that was unexpected. Right after I shared with you the new KurtzPel PvE video, KOG Studio goes and releases a second PvE video with a couple of different bosses. Now I feel obliged to mention this one as well, in particular because it features a giant black panther. Not the Marvel super hero, mind.

If you squint your eyes a bit, this almost feels like an anime version of Dauntless, where skills rain and huge fireballs are formed right in front of your eyes. One of KurtzPel's trumps is the Karma system, where Karmas are weapons and you can choose two for each battle, switching between them on-the-fly.

KurtzPel is coming to western territories and it all starts with a short closed beta this month.

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