Take a look at the lovely day and night cycle in Kurtzpel

Kurtzpel day night cycle video

We're finally taking a break from all the fighting in Kurtzpel, all those Blazing Fist and Dance of the Wind skill videos and moving into more soothing territory. The new video shows the day/night cycle for this anime action game.

The day and night cycle shown in the video takes place in the region of Eltheca, with a suitably peaceful music. It's a nice effect that is obviously sped up to better appreciate the movement of the light and shadows, so you won't notice it like that in the game. KOG Studios also mentions that the effect can be changed later, as Kurtzpel is still in active development. Considering that there is no sign of a beta date in Korea, it's no worth holding our breath waiting for the game – it will take a while.

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