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September 4, 2013 2 News

Rumored to be in development hell, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is going to be released in SEA this year, with the closed beta date still to be revealed. But the best news is that the game will be available in… Read More »

September 3, 2013 0 News

Are you tired of the usual fantasy and sci-fi MMORPGs? Then you should probably take a look at CasinoRPG, a new free-to-play game from GoldFire Studios that was successfully funded on Kickstarter earlier this year. CasinoRPG is a F2P browser-based… Read More »

September 2, 2013 0 News

Hardware: Shipbreakers isn’t the spiritual sequel to Homerworld anymore; Gearbox acquired the rights to the Homeworld franchise and reached an agreement with Blackbird Interactive – which includes several Relic Entertainment staffers in the team –  to turn Shipbreakers into a… Read More »

August 31, 2013 0 News

Just as announced, HeroesGo entered open beta today. HeroesGo is a dungeon crawler featuring action combat and something of the love child of Rusty Hearts and Elsword Online. To sign up and play click here.

August 31, 2013 4 News

A new batch of screens and a cool trailer was just revealed by Pearl Abyss for one of the most exciting upcoming MMORPGs: Black Desert. This time the focus are some of the features of this amazing game, including a… Read More »

August 31, 2013 0 News

Age of Conan Unchained and The Secret World developer Funcom just revealed a new MMORPG and one that is quite unexpected, given the track record of the Norwegian studio. LEGO Minifigures Online is aimed at kids but adults can also… Read More »

August 28, 2013 0 News

Vostok Games released a new trailer showcasing some of the in-game locations where players will be able to shoot the radiation out of each other, so to speak. The fly-by proves that the team hasn’t lost any of the talent… Read More »

August 27, 2013 0 News

Deep Silver just opened the closed beta sign up for Dead Island: Epidemic, the upcoming free-to-play MOBA (or ZOMBA, zombie online multiplayer battle arena) based on the popular zombie franchise. The F2P MOBA is in development not by the series… Read More »

August 27, 2013 2 News

Splash Damage’s free-to-play shooter Dirty Bomb went off the radar for a while and is now back with a vengeance. The game was renamed as Extraction and will be published by Nexon, which already has shooters Combat Arms and Sudden… Read More »

August 23, 2013 0 News

Maiet just announced the open beta plans for GunZ 2, the free-to-play online shooter that is already undergoing closed beta in Taiwan and Europe. The open beta for Steam (the North American version of the game) is scheduled for December,… Read More »