Pearl Abyss’ MMO shooter Plan 8 is set in a ‘vast open world’

MMO shooter Plan 8

Pearl Abyss has released new info for its MMO shooter Plan 8, along with some new images. The recently revealed game from the makers of Black Desert is carrying a ton of weight on its shoulders, being designed with the help of Minh Le, co-creator of the original Counter-Strike. Acting as a Technical Advisor, Le has tried his luck at another shooter before Plan 8, the unsuccessful Tactical Intervention.

Plan 8 is developed using Pearl Abyss' new proprietary engine, the same one that is being used for Crimson Desert and DokeV. Planned for a release on PC and consoles, it is trying to “create an entirely new experience unlike any other shooter game on the market.” Sounds like a very ambitious goal, one that is bolstered by promises of a vast open world that is crucial to the gameplay.

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Labeling Plan 8 as a shooter is reductive, with Pearl Abyss saying that it is difficult to confine the game to one genre. The focus is on a unique shooter with MMO gameplay elements, something that sounds a lot like Bungie's Destiny 2.

Gameplay in the MMO shooter Plan 8 revolves around exosuits, robotic devices that you can wear, offering you impressive abilities. You equip gears, giving you new superhuman powers that open up additional gameplay possibilities. Each exosuit comes with unique specs, allowing for an interesting clash between different types of exosuits.

Some examples of what you can do with exosuits in Plan 8 include using enhanced arms to climb walls, or enhanced legs to jump over walls and even buildings. Sounds like something out of Crackdown. Plan 8 weapons can also be upgraded and customized, allegedly with a great degree of freedom.

The official website was updated with seven new Plan 8 images, so head over there to give them a look.

MMO shooter Plan 8

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