Peria Chronicles interview discusses state of the game and criticism

peria chronicles

Despite being one of the highlights of G-Star 2016, ThingSoft's Peria Chronicles is far from being what its developers and fans are hoping for. The demo presented at the show served as much as a proof that the game had finally overcome the massive obstacles as much as it did to show that it is still in an early phase. An interview with Thisisgame (via tells us about the feedback from players who have tried the demo, as well as delving into some of the ideas of the studio.

One of the things that gathered some criticism was the combat system, with players saying that they didn't have much freedom, and it was also deemed disappointing by players who were expecting it to be action combat, similar to Mabinogi, while Peria Chronicles actually focused on a TCG kind of combat. Other criticism veered toward the user interface during character creation, but the demo's UI wasn't created by the artists, being instead created with props that players can pick up in the game itself.

Comparisons to Mabinogi were frequent, but ThingSoft says that if there's one game to compare Peria Chronicles to, that game is Minecraft, with the constant building of game rules and system. There's a lot of discussion about creation logic and with a nifty “no smoking” example that you should read to understand how these rules will apply.

The end of the first part of this interview discusses building a village and how it needs many players to do so – for example, one player will take 10 minutes to produce a unit of material, and to set up a sign it would take 100 units, so this is a task for several players, not just a few. Ultimately, this also serves as a prevention measure against a player that may want to cause some harm, as he would need materials from the group and they wouldn't give him access.

The interview is an interesting read, but it also confirms that Peria Chronicles is still in early days, so we'll have to wait quite a bit for a beta phase.


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