Peria Chronicles teaser makes us wonder if it’s actually happening

Peria Chronicles beta

It's a bird? It's a plane? No, it's a new Peria Chronicles teaser that follows on the several artwork reveals that were kind of cute, but not really that interesting. A few new screenshots or a teaser trailer would do wonders to please the fanbase, after such a long absence.

This Peria Chronicles teaser comes straight from the official Facebook page and while it's just a single artwork, it features the vital words “now loading”. The last time we saw a Peria Chronicles “now loading” artwork was before the huge G-Star 2016 reveal last November. You can see the Peria Chronicles teaser artwork below and start placing your bets: is it a new trailer? A Peria Chronicles beta announcement? An English release? Nah, we're kidding about that one, sadly.

Let's wait and see.

Peria Chronicles teaser

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