Anime MMORPG Gran Saga opens closed beta pre-registrations

anime MMORPG Gran Saga closed beta

There are many MMORPGs that we are keeping a watchful eye for, but very few reach the heights of Gran Saga. Developed by South Korean studio NPixel, this anime MMO is rubbing shoulders with other promising games such as Blue Protocol or Tower of Fantasy. After a few months of teasing its gran weapon system, we finally have the first glimpse of a playable build in the shape of a pre-registration system. Players in Korea can now sign up to have a chance of playing the closed beta of the anime MMORPG Gran Saga before everyone else.

Pre-registrations are open from September 9 through September 20 on the official website. Sadly, the upcoming beta is only available in Korea, which means that we can throw a fit and still won't get to play Gran Saga right now. Besides, 100 players will be the lucky winners of a Google Gift Card worth 50,000 Won, which converts to a little over $40. Other giveaways are planned as well.

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anime MMORPG Gran Saga closed beta

For those wondering if Gran Saga is an actual MMORPG or something more contained like Genshin Impact, the new trailer below should dispel those doubts. It is indeed an MMORPG with terrific graphics – pause the video at 0:05 and you'll see the word splattered across the screen, leaving no margin for error.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4 and developed for PC and mobile devices with cross-platform support, Gran Saga global release has been teased before. That much can also be confirmed by seeing some promotional material and comments in English, revealing the ambition of the studio. However, Korea will see the first launch and only later NPixel is going to work on taking the game to other regions.

To be prepared for the gameplay that should be coming our way during the closed beta of the anime MMORPG Gran Saga, get up to speed by learning the Gran Saga classes and understanding the gran weapon system.


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