Project V4 gameplay and character creation show a promising PC MMORPG

Project V4 gameplay

The announcement of a PC version for Nexon's MMORPG V4 was a nice surprise. While it's not quite the same as a game developed exclusively with the PC platform in mind, this is one of the most promising mobile MMOs coming soon, with some amazing graphics to boot. If you have any doubts, take a look at some new Project V4 gameplay courtesy of the awesome YouTuber Rendermax.

Starting with the V4 character creation, you can see that the graphics from the PC client are pretty good, way better than what you get on mobile devices. Let's ignore for a second the fact that out of the six classes, the loli looks like she was designed by an entirely different artist – she seems out of place with the rest of the cast.

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While the V4 creation system doesn't hold a candle to Black Desert Mobile, it has enough features to create a decent character, just don't expect it to look unique.

Furthermore, V4 may have the looks, but it seems like a generic MMORPG. If the classes didn't let you in on this, then you'll probably notice just how similar the environment looks to Black Desert Online. The combat, however, seems pretty cool, at least judging by the Gunslinger class, with her acrobatic moves and crazy camera angles.

It's somewhat disappointing to see that even on PC you have to endure the UI designed for mobile devices. A little work in this department could take the game up a notch, at least in the eyes of PC players.

Project V4 gameplay

A Project V4 global launch isn't confirmed, but Nexon is most likely going to make it happen. Developer NAT Games has released a few of its titles overseas, such as Hit and Overhit, so it doesn't seem farfetched to think that V4 could be making it to North America and Europe.

Nexon recently canceled a couple of promising games: Peria Chronicles was once one of the most anticipated sandbox anime MMORPGs but failed to reach a convincing state; development on Dragon Hound, from the makers of Vindictus, was terminated due to Nexon's recent restructuring, which involved a strict review of the current projects. On the other hand, the cute racing game Kartrider: Drift is set for a global release on PC and Xbox One during 2020.

Watch the Project V4 gameplay on PC below and tell us what you think of it.

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