It’s Stella Unibel time in the new SoulWorker Wisdom Wednesday

soulworker stella

Gameforge is back and reminding us that the western version of SoulWorker Online is actually coming soon. The latest post for this anime action MMORPG features Stella Unibel, the guitar-wielding, wolf-demon summoning girl of the group. She's the loli, if you want to call her that.

Here is what Gameforge has to say about Stella:

“Stella is the ideal support in a team fight, but she can also hold her own. She hits enemies up close and at range with her Howling Guitar. When things get particularly prickly, Stella sets her wolf demons on her enemies and accompanies their onslaught with a destructive chord.”

SoulWorker Online was scheduled for a late 2017 open beta in North America and Europe, but reality came crashing in and the German studio decided to postpone the Soulworker open beta for Q1 2018. That's until the end of March, in case you get your quarters confused. Let's hope this time it's for real.


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