Torchlight Frontiers update 9: Seeds of Fortune revealed, brings Luck Tree

Torchlight Frontiers update 9

A great adventurer is nothing without lady luck on his side. Luckily, the Torchlight Frontiers update 9, titled Seeds of Fortune, is going to take care of that for you.

Torchlight Frontiers update 9: Seeds of Fortune is only a few weeks away and brings a Luck Tree for your fort. It will start as a small weed and as you sacrifice unwanted gear, it will blossom and so will your account-wide bonus to item Luck. There are five tiers to your Luck Tree, each one granting a small boost to your luck. The better quality your sacrificed items, the faster the tree blossoms to the next level. You can also sacrifice a piece of gear in other player's Luck Tree for a temporary item luck buff.

Enchanting is a new system coming with this update as well. It provides added customization to your character outfitting, with some equipment coming with one, two or three enchanting slots. Unwanted equipment can be converted into essences at the Enchanting Station in your fort. You can read more about enchanting on the official blog post.

Torchlight Frontiers offers between 60 to 80 hours of linear content, according to Max Schaefer. It also allows you to mix and match your pets, creating a fire-breathing puppy if you feel so inclined. During the current alpha phase it features three classes: Forged, Dusk Mage and Railmaster.

A fourth class is already teased over at the official website, but the only info that we have so far is that it is a female class sporting a Lara Croft-style ponytail. Hopefully it will be another out-of-the-box class like the previous one, the Conductor of Pain and its customizable train of doom.

On a related note, there's another Torchlight game in development. Torchlight Infinite is a likely Asia-exclusive for mobile devices, with a focus on single-player and co-op gameplay.


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