World of Dragon Nest SEA in English, open world, mobile only, no VIP system

World of Dragon Nest FAQ

Nexon Thailand is the SEA publisher for Eyedentity's World of Dragon Nest and has released a FAQ clarifying some of the lingering doubts. Still no new screenshots or trailers, sadly.

The FAQ starts with one of the biggest questions, considering World of Dragon Nest's previous announcement as a PC and mobile cross-platform MMORPG. You can say goodbye to that, as Nexon confirmes that developer Eyedentity chose to focus on mobile first for World of Dragon Nest. The iOS and Android versions will launch at the same time. In the future, the PC version will be discussed but cross-platform is probably out of the picture.

An auction house will be part of the game, closed beta tests should be coming soon and there won't be any kind of VIP system, thankfully. The initial batch of languages support English, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia, with more to come. Emulator support (Bluestacks, Nox, etc.) is planned and the camera angle should be a third-person perspective similar to the one from the original Dragon Nest game, although other options are being considered. World of Dragon Nest is free-to-play, with “many contents and a reward system” to support free-to-play users.

There is no job advancement system in World of Dragon Nest, with a weapon swap system being used in its place – think KurtzPel with its dual weapon mechanic.

World of Dragon Nest isn't a sequel to Dragon Nest; instead, it unfolds in a parallel structure, with a new story. PvP modes are included, as well as mounts, costumes and pets.

These are just a few of the most important questions touched upon in this FAQ. World of Dragon Nest is also coming to Taiwan, but a western release is yet to be announced.

Being a mobile-only game for now certainly feels somewhat like a disappointment, but hopefully this new MMORPG will be worthy of carrying the torch of the original game.

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