10 Fan Service Free Online Games Vol.2

You asked for it, and we’re happy to oblige – here’s volume 2 of our Fan Service series (you can watch Volume 1 here, with games such as Blade & Soul, Soul Worker, Black Desert Online and Peria Chronicles) with another 10 free online games where eye-candy meets gameplay… well, at least in some of them. As you probably know, we left some heavyweights out of the first video on purpose, so let’s cut straight to the chase and begin. In no particular order:

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skyforge 3

If you’re going to become a god and save the world, what better way to do it than in an eye-catching way? Who needs clothes anyway when you’re a tough immortal? That’s why in Skyforge you can battle the invaders in your underwear, just because you can. Hey, all this saving the world stuff can get tiresome, so why don’t you take some time off being a tough girl trying to ascend and head over to a paradisiacal beach to show your awesome dance moves to whoever is around? Sounds like a plan? Alright then, show us what you got!


vindictus arisha

Underneath the action packed Vindictus, there’s a lot of the sexy stuff going on, and this time we can say that this is valid for both genders. But without any kind of disrespect for the male character appreciators, we’ll just go through some of the female classes, or characters, at the time – there’s Fiona, Vella, Lynn, Evie and Arisha, and as you probably know, Vindictus has gender-locked characters, so you choose one and then you customize it – in a rather limited way, initially. But as you unlock or buy stuff, you get to explore the full potential of, let’s say, Arisha. Definitely interesting, don’t you agree? Anyway, while players usually say that Vindictus is either plagued by hackers or that the servers are a ghost town, this game has undoubtedly left its mark as far as action combat MMORPGs go, with great graphics to go along, so it has our utmost respect.


tera 11 class

Probably the biggest free-to-play MMORPG out there at the moment, TERA is renowned for its action combat and big ass monsters as much as it is for the usual Korean appreciation for women. What we can say in its defense though is that it’s not a blatant overly sexualized game, since you can always pick a few badass male characters. And TERA is also one of the best examples of artistic ability in the way of female costumes, so while you can choose something more revealing, more fan service-y, there’s always something discreet and in extremely good taste for you to use. Just as it happens with Black Desert, in TERA the fan service only goes as far as you actually want it to go.


kingdom under fire 2_2

Before you ask, yes, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is out there and is playable, but we’re not quite sure just when or if it is actually getting a proper western release, as it was announced ages ago. We wouldn’t hold our breath, though. Anyway, Kingdom Under Fire 2 launched with only three classes and one of them is the Spellsword, a female warrior expert in both magic and swordsmanship – but she’s also adept of the lightest armor possible, for some kind of obscure reason. We don’t know if it’s to move around faster, swiftly, or if the craftsman was all out of armor plates, but it is what it is. Oddly enough, in a game that boasts hundreds of enemies fighting you at the same time, it offers one of the lightest dressed characters ever seen in an action MMORPG. It’s still a great game though, despite this unashamed fan service class.


asker the light swallowers 3

Asker: The Light Swallowers isn’t out there yet and it’s already getting somewhat noticed. Not so much because of the clearly stupid title, or the combat similarities to Vindictus – although in a more in-depth kind of way – but mostly because of this Assassin class. We have no clue how she manages to keep her swords attached to her hips without any kind of clothing, and it’s also a mystery to us why would someone go to battle in such a skimpy outfit, but hey… games developers! Always striving for realism… in whatever way that helps bring more revenue to the studio. Not that we’re complaining, mind you.


continent of the ninth seal 2

In more ways than one, Continent of the Ninth Seal, or C9, is the precursor to the highly anticipated Black Desert Online. The producer is the same and the focus on action combat is obvious in both games, as well as the overall visual style. C9 is still around after quite a few years and remains one of the best free-to-play action MMORPGs ever released, with some cool character detail and a few armors that can be particularly revealing.


kritika online 4

Kritika Online is one of those games that we keep hoping to get a western release, but years go by and there’s still no official word on it. So we’re left staring at and playing the Asian versions of this fast-paced brawler, which just happens to feature a heavy dose of fan service. With characters such as Yoran clearly designed to stand out with the male crowd, Kritika wouldn’t have much trouble capturing the younger players’ attention, but if no publisher makes a move, then this will soon join the ranks of good Korean games that never got a release in North America and Europe.


Before Scarlet Blade, there was Kabod Online, an unashamed MMORPG that looks like many others but takes the naked aspect a little bit further, being clearly adult-oriented in more ways than one. Just like in Vindictus, there’s this armor breaking system, only in Kabod Online you actually get to see breasts aplenty. There’s also some kind of special interaction with your pet that we won’t even detail here. We’re not sure if the game is still running as the official website isn’t updated since August 2014, but our bet is that the game is no more. No major loss if it’s so, but a curio is probably lost forever now.


doom warrior 2

If you liked the Spartacus TV show, then you probably know that gladiators and sex do mix, and a lot. So it’s not strange to see that Doom Warrior, a brutal gladiator arena MMORPG, isn’t shy in any of those departments. You can choose to fight with a female gladiator in the nude, because who really needs armor when you’re fighting to the death, right? Hey, as long as they don’t forget their helmets, I guess. And you can also treat yourself to a harem of slave girls, which can grant you a Carnal Stat boost, whatever that means.


cosmic break 2_1

We’ll skip straight to Cosmic Break 2 because the first game is now over 6 years old and looks really, really dated. But the overall idea of this franchise is that there are robots, there are humanoid characters, and among these humanoids are sexy anime girls, including frontrunners Fiona, Crimrose and Lunastasia. While male characters will also be a part of the game, if you take a close look at the planned characters list you’ll easily notice that the studio is focused on the female humanoids. While the game failed to reach its Kickstarter goal, development is progressing anyway and an armor breaking system is planned, so your characters will reveal more and more as they take damage – but don’t let that distract you! In the end, this anime girls and robots mix didn’t turn out as appealing as many would expect, but we’ll see how it turns out when the game fully launches.

And this marks the end of another volume filled with fan service. Once again, let us know about your suggestions and give us a big thumbs up if you want us to work on the third volume of the best series ever created! See you next time!

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