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Author Topic: Myth of Soma - Blade of Heaven  (Read 5077 times)

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Myth of Soma - Blade of Heaven
« on: November 01, 2015, 05:12:28 AM »
Hi, Just trying to put the word about about a game some of you may be interested in, its a privately ran server but it has been online for over 2 years now, and before that the test server ran for just as long to make sure all bugs were gone for release.

Here is a little info about it:

The Myth of Soma is a 2D isometric FREE MMORPG in which 2 races battle to become the strongest race with weekly race wars. Myth of Soma has an excellent PVP/PK system where you can battle other players with real consiquences! Our complex guild system allows players to fight for a guild village every week & take part in large guild vs guild battles. Myth of Soma opens up a new world with the ability to take a new path for each of your characters. Your task is to balance your strengths and weakness so you can survive in the lands of Soma


- Unique leveling system
- Branch across 6 different weapon types
- Fun PVP/PK System
- Guild vs Guild battles
- Guild Village war
- Race vs Race battles
- Community Events.

and heres a few videos of the actual game play:

guild village war


Devil VS Human war


PK war for boss control



thats a few videos of the game play if you are interested in playing then please visit the site below


thank you for reading :)

PS i do not run this game i am just a player looking to help with getting people interested in playing the game.