Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Guide | How to Solve the Puzzle

Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Guide

Genshin Impact is a story-driven action RPG that doesn't lack on puzzles and challenges. The Secret Pirate Treasure quest is a perfect example of the kind of trials that await you, but there are many more. Some are easy, some are difficult, and occasionally you'll stumble upon a riddle that isn't a tough nut to crack, but your mind just isn't in sync with it. That's the case of the Luhua Pool riddle, where you get a hint and have to act accordingly. In case you can't decipher it, follow our Genshin Impact Luhua Pool guide below to access the domain.

Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Guide

Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Guide

It will take you a few hours to reach Luhua Pool, a place that you can find when you are on your way to the second main city, Liyue Harbor. It's hard to miss it; it's the place with all those lovely ponds where you can go for a swim, but mostly gaze in awe at the fantastic art design by the makers of Genshin Impact.

When you are done frolicking around, it's time to face this puzzle. There is a huge pit whose access is blocked by a blue magical seal, which you must deactivate so that you can access the domain below. There are six fire shrines around and a Ruin Writing that reads the following:

“Let anyone who follows in the footsteps of the immortals kowtow before the treasure's gate.”

That's not very enlightening, is it? However, here's the solution: what is must do is use Amber to light up the three fire shrines that have a pillar behind them. It has something to do with a road that emperors used to travel, and that's why you must hit those pillars only. As soon as they are on fire, the blue magical seal vanishes and you fall inside the now unlocked domain.

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