Is Tower of Fantasy a Gacha Game?

Tower of Fantasy Gacha Game

Tower of Fantasy could be the next big anime MMORPG, or at least give Bandai Namco's Blue Protocol a run for its money. Banking on the huge popularity of miHoYo's action RPG Genshin Impact, the game from Hotta Studio and Perfect World takes it up a notch by adding the appeal of the massive multiplayer aspect. However, with a free-to-play game usually comes a gacha system, so there is that pressing question: is Tower of Fantasy a gacha game? We investigated, so keep reading to learn about our findings.

Tower of Fantasy Gacha System Details

Tower of Fantasy Gacha Weapon SSR

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Contrary to what many players were expecting – us included -, the Tower of Fantasy gacha went through some changes before the official release in China, on December 16, 2021. Touted as a game where you can customize your character and choose your weapon to adapt to your playstyle, it was expected that the gacha would only exist for weapons and upgrade materials. Turns out we were in for a surprise.

Is there gacha in Tower of Fantasy? The answer is yes, and the gacha isn't limited to weapons. Even if there are no classes in this anime MMORPG and your playstyle depends on the weapons that you equip, which come in the usual rarity, up to SSR, you can summon a few iconic characters as well with the weapons they bring. You can switch between three weapons at any time, and these include katana, staff, scythe, pistol, machine gun, daggers, and many more. The arsenal is vast and diverse, with weapons being imbued by elementals such as lightning, fire, and ice, or just deal physical damage.

The icing on top of the cake is recruiting SR and SSR characters, who you can switch to and you definitely will, because there are quite a few waifus in there, as well as husbandos. So, you can switch from your customized character into the weapon and appearance of Meryl, King, Samir, Shiro, Huma, and others.

When is Tower of Fantasy coming out? In December 16, 2021 in China, but western players will have to wait longer for a more than likely release. Late 2022 or even early 2023 would be our guess, but we'll have to hold on for official confirmation from Perfect World for a global release date.

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