Mir 4 Beautiful Sister Magya Guide | Nefariox Horn Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Beautiful Sister Magya Request guide

Welcome to another guide for a Mir 4 Mystery Quest, one more from the Nefariox Horn chain quests. Based on a clue at a time, you must find the locations or NPCs required to progress in these short adventures, and it's not unusual for some players to struggle while trying to find the solution. Even unlocking mystery quests can be a mystery on itself, and that's why we'll always vie to leave you with hints on how to unlock a mystery quest before proceeding to the full walkthrough. Without further ado, let's move on to the Mir 4 Beautiful Sister Magya Request guide.

How to Unlock Mir 4 Beautiful Sister Magya Mystery Quest

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Mission requests yield many rewards, but some of them also unlock mystery quests. However, there's no way of knowing which one does what until you complete the request and discover that you have triggered a mystery quest.

In the case of Beautiful Sister Magya, you can unlock it by completing the Treasure's Aura request mission from the Gingko Valley request list. It's a very easy request where you must find a certain spot to collect energy, it can be done in a few minutes without trouble.

Mir 4 Beautiful Sister Magya Mystery Quest Guide and Tips

Mir 4 Beautiful Sister Magya Mystery Quest Guide and Tips

This Mir 4 Beautiful Sister Magya mystery quest solution is very easy and quick, it shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes when you know what you're doing. However, going in blind could frustrate you since the trigger is extremely complex and there's one step that may get you lost (finding Jangpyung)

Clue 1:

Yiun said that a variety of people visit the Taphouse… I should go talk to them and get info on Bicheon Castle

Obviously, start this quest at the Bicheon Castle Taphouse. Climb the stairs to the first floor and talk to Seolan, Liquor Merchant. Buy one Floral Spirit, descend and go talk to the Drunkard, Ho Bangchu. This will trigger the Beautiful Sister Magya mystery quest.

Clue 2:

I should meet Eunshil at the linen shop of Bicheon Castle

It's time to find Eunshil. Go to Bicheon Castle and open the mini-map. Next to the Bicheon Castle Backstreet is a purple scroll symbol that marks your target location. Go there and talk to her using the ellipsis talk option, not the question mark (that's for a request mission).

Clue 3:

I should meet Jangsam at the Forge of Bicheon Castle

Next destination, the Forge. Open the mini-map once again and see that it's just a bit to the left and front, so go there and talk to Jangsam.

Clue 4:

I should go back to the Taphouse and talk to Ho Bangchu

Return to the Taphouse and once again talk to the Drunkard.

Clue 5:

What is Sweetgrass Liquor? Jangpyung knows a lot about liquor. I should go ask him

And who could this Jangpyung be? He's not an NPC, so that's a problem – he's actually a monster that you must defeat. Move to the Bicheon Castle Backstreet by using the map and click on the red monster circle on the bottom left corner (see the image above).

He's the Twinway Clan Looter CPT and if he isn't showing, you can either wait for him to respawn or switch channels to see if he's active – I recommend waiting a few minutes for him to appear.

Clue 6:

I should get to the Taphouse quickly before Ho Bangchu gets too drunk

That's pretty self-explanatory. Return to the Taphouse and chat with Ho Bangchu to complete the quest and you may claim your rewards. We hope this Mir 4 Beautiful Sister Magya guide helped you finish one more mystery quest.

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