Mir 4 Herbalist Hong’s True Identity Guide | Myriad Needle Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Herbalist Hong's True Identity Guide

Welcome to another Mir 4 Mystery Quest guide (play free here) covering just one of the many secret missions in this exciting cryptocurrency-fueled MMORPG. This one is from the Myriad Needle collection and is all about the true identity of one herbalist. If you follow our Mir 4 Herbalist Hong's True Identity guide you will be able to complete this mystery quest in about 15 minutes, so keep reading.

How to Unlock Herbalist Hong's True Identity Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Herbalist Hong's True Identity mystery quest guide

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To unlock this mystery quest you must complete the request that goes by the name of The Wanted of Bicheon Castle. You can find it in the Bicheon Castle request list, and it's an easy matter of talking to Guard Jeor Giman and then finding dye for the wanted poster by beating up 180 thugs nearby. That's all there is to it.

Mir 4 Herbalist Hong's True Identity Mystery Quest Guide

This mystery quest is somewhat straightforward, but there is one instance where you may find yourself stomped. Read the clues below to know where to go and just where that giant mushroom actually is hiding.

Clue 1:

His name is Yu Gombo if I remember correctly

Go to Gingko Valley and in the map you'll see the purple scroll. It marks the small village where a few villagers are, including Yu Gombo. Talk to him to advance.

Clue 2:

I need to hear more what the villagers say

For the second clue you just have to talk to Jangpo, who is right to the side of Yu Gombo.

Clue 3:

To hear more of his story, I need Viper meat

For the third clue you must travel to Bicheon Town, approximately to the middle of the map, near the wooden bridge. To the side of the road you'll find a few vipers, you just need to defeat a couple of them to get enough meat for the quest. Now you must return to Master Jangpo and talk to him.

Clue 4:

I should tell Yu Gombo and undo this misunderstanding

Go and talk to Yu Gombo as the clue points out, he's right to the side.

Clue 5:

I should ask the villagers where I can get giant mushrooms

Open the map and go to the wide open area to the right side of the Blight Bug Cave. When there, you should see the green marker on top of the mountain if you look up. Just climb the mountain and grab the giant mushroom.

Clue 6:

I should deliver this giant mushroom to Yu Gombo

Return to Yu Gombo and talk to him. That's the conclusion of this mystery quest, we hope that our Mir 4 Herbalist Hong's True Identity guide helped you sort out the details.

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