Mir 4 Two Tombs Guide | The Lost Tome Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Two Tombs Guide The Lost Tome Mystery Quest

In this Mir 4 Mystery Quest called Two Tombs, Chunsim once again grabs our undivided attention. You'll have to sort it out with her kin to reach the ending of this adventure, but it's not going to take as long as some of the other epic quests. Our Mir 4 Two Tombs guide is going to put the solution right in front of you so that you can complete the final Mystery from the Lost Tome chain.

How to Unlock Mir 4 Two Tombs Mystery Quest

Two Tombs Mir4 walkthrough

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To unlock the Mir 4 Two Tombs Mystery Quest, you must finish the previous quest from The Lost Tome series. For that you must follow our Mir4 Past Grudge guide that shows you in detail how to complete that adventure. Obviously, that means you must also fulfill some previous requirements which you should have done by now, such as having a level 60 character or completing a few Request missions. When you're ready, keep reading for the Two Tombs solution.

Mir 4 Two Tombs Guide and Tips

Once again you'll meet Bull Fiend woman Chunsim and finally discover what is going to be her fate. Our Two Tombs Mir4 walkthrough will steer you in the right direction go straight to the point. We use the video above as reference for the locations and interactions, laying it out for you in the Two Tombs Quest guide below so that you don't miss a thing and reach the ending of another Mir 4 Mystery Quest.

Clue 1:

The tome that disappeared along with the Butterfly Fan! And the skill that Warrior Ma learned! How come I didn't think of it? I should meet with Wonching and inform her of Seong Soyo's death.

Travel to Snake Pit, go to the village and talk to Wonching. You can open the map to find the purple scroll marking the spot if you're having trouble finding her.

Clue 2:

Neither the righteous faction nor the chaotic faction are willing to talk about Life Leech… Ah, right, Jung Hawon! The Bull Fiend he encountered used a skill similar to Life Leech. I should talk to him again. He may have something more to tell me.

Still in the Snake Pit area, travel to Snake Cave and climb the cave to find Jung Hawon. It's the same place that we have visited before, but if you don't remember you can see the video above at 1:00 to see the exact location of the cave entrance.

Clue 3:

That wasn't Jung Hawon. That must be the shape-shifting Bull Fiend he mentioned before… Does Life Leech grant the shape-shifting ability? Or is it an ability unique to this Bull Fiend? In either case, it's not good news. Chunsim may know about this Bull Fiend. I need to go ask her.

Move to Crystalline Mountain and from there you'll do the path until you reach the Bull Fiend Castle. You have all the necessary instructions in the video above at 2:00. When you reach Chunsim, a fight against bull begins, so take them down.

Clue 4:

They can't have gone far yet. I have to find Wonching and Chunsim. If Wonching becomes a Bull Fiend, too… No! I won't let it happen.

Move to the room on the left and climb until you find Chunsim in a small room. Talk to her, go back down and move to the left, and another fight will begin. When you're done, return to Chunsim and interact with the barrier to complete this clue.

Clue 5:

Damn Bull Fiends! No need to ask what they want! I should talk to Chunsim to grasp the situation more clearly.

This is a very simple clue. All you must do is talk to Chunsim and you're done.

Clue 6:

She blamed her sister, but she didn't mean it. She actually understands her on a deeper level. What a tragic fate! She said I should go west. I must hurry before Wonching is fully infected by the Bull Fiend poison.

Fall down once again and move to the left to start another battle, this time with the help of Ma Wonji. After the battle he runs away and the clue is completed.

Clue 7:

Warrior Ma! I thought he was a cold-hearted ass, but he truly does think of Wonching as his mother! With Warrior Ma on my side, I can get things done more easily. After that, I'll ask him about Life Leech!

Move to the next room for the final clue of the Two Tombs Mystery Quest. Start the battle with the Bull Fiend captain, watch the cutscene and then try to defeat Han Hyeon. Another cutscene begins and you have discovered the true fate of Chunsim and Madam Wonching.

You have now reached the end of this adventure and this series, paving the way for the next one, called Incomparable Master, which opens with the Mystery Quest Boundless Trickster Wuam. We'll leave that one for another time, so remember to keep coming back and check our Mir4 guides.

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